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"Eechoo Wamma" - Ewoks? ;) (A bad fan idea...)

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So, someone mentioned Ewoks as units haha. Here is my idea:

Ewoks - 25 pts, no upgrades, 5 units per squad, no surge conversions, speed 2, courage 1, HP 1

Attack ranged 1-2 (rocks): White die

Attack melee (spear): Black die

Defense: White die

Basically, Cover 2 because they are small and agile, but only an unmodded white die for defense. 5 units should make them a little more survivable. Pretty bad ranged offense, but decent in melee.


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Spec-Ops Unit

7 figures in unit.

1 additional trooper slot.

1 heavy weapons trooper slot.

1 health per figure.

1 White attack die ranged at 1-2 distance.

2 Black attack die in melee.

Impact 2


Trapper: At the start of deployment, place 2 trap tokens on the board at distance 3 of the opponents deployment zone. If an opponents unit leader ends their activation within range 1 of a trap token, roll 3 Red dice against the unit. This attack is considered to have the Pierce 3 keyword. After damage is resolved, remove that trap token from the board.

Heavy Weapons Upgrades.

Spear Ewok

2 Red attack die in melee.

Pierce 2

Ewok Shaman

1 Red attack dice in melee.


Instead of an action, if you have lost figures from this unit, you may add 1 Ewok figure back into this unit.


If anyone would mind proposing prices for this, I'd be very thankful.

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30 minutes ago, Crawfskeezen said:

If C-3PO is the Commander they get sick bonuses. Also potential booby traps on the battlefield. That AT-ST never saw those two logs coming from the sides! Or the ones it just tripped over!

C-3PO would probably be the first commander with a lower courage stat than his troops.

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9 minutes ago, Lord Tareq said:

Ewok Special Rule: "Feast on the fallen - When an Ewok unit wipes out an enemy non-vehicle unit in melee, all enemy units within line of sight gain 3 suppression tokens."

If the Ewoks destroy the Commander Unit (not a promoted unit leader, the actual commander figure), ALL opposing units gain 3 suppression.

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23 hours ago, Crawfskeezen said:

What about Gungans people? We need to ask the real, hard, bombad questions here.

Most likely with a Second Edition covering the Clone Wars. I know the Disneyverse tries to steer clear of that era for some reason but the fans want it. It was/is the most requested era for addition of content to Battlefront 2.

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2 hours ago, Crawfskeezen said:

What about Gungans people? We need to ask the real, hard, bombad questions here.

Gungans could, actually, be rather interesting.

They'd likely have an amphibious special rule where terrain involving water has no penalties to them. Kaadu will probably be pretty close to the same as a tauntaun. Faamba would likely cut ranges for enemies within range of them.

For weapons, you have their atlatl which aren't that good in melee, but are pretty good at ranged and would add ion damage limited to range 2. You'd also have the shock lances which would be limited range (I'd just give them range 1 because they have a decent reach). You also have the catapults which would be a rather nasty thing with light damage but some heavy ion damage in a splash around it.

Their shields would also give them some pretty good defenses.

Tarples or Nass as their first commander and then the other, Jar-Jar might work, but I'd be doubtful that he'd actually be a decent commander for it. Tarples being a mounted commander with a lead from the front take on things, Nass being having abilities to boost the army or, perhaps, just cut the prices of Gungans.

For Special Forces, you'd have the Gungan Scouts. I'd give them the shock lance and the ability to deploy from reserves after the first turn out of any water terrain (or some other terrain types) outside of the opponents deployment zone rather than the normal one. They'd have the boomas as a grenade upgrade available for them...I'd base them off of the ones from Clone Wars with the battle on Mon Cala.

For troops, you would have both the skirmishers (with Atlatl) and line troops with a shield and shock lance.

Support would be both the Kaadu riders with lances, and the Faamba with shield generators. Kaadu would be faster and be more of a skirmishing force while the Faamba would be a lone giant beast with a shield generator that blocks ranged attacks in a bubble around it where the attacks can't cross it. I'd make that Range 2 or 3 from the Shield Faamba, it only has move 1 or a modified one for it with even less ability to turn (Or that it can either turn or move in a move). It's only attacks would be a trample for those stupid enough to stand directly in front of it.

For heavy troops, you would have the catapults which would be cumbersome and, even then slow moving. You would also have an even more expensive option for the Faamba which would have a mounted catapult.

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