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How to start playing?

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If you want the current beta you need to download the files bellow from (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/)

Current Files to Date.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Beta v. 4.0

Tea Ceremony

L5R Beta Previews:

1. Mantis Clan

2. Mirumoto Two Sword School

3. Kakita Blade and Omamori


IF you want the previous editions you will need to get them from Drivethru or ebay.

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Mostly, u only need to understand the way of life of Samouraï and the culture. That are the main difficulties. L5R without assuming to play in the culture with honor/Glory worths nothing. It does not involve full RP, but at least respect and understanding of culture.

After u have to understand how R&K works (following versions), that s all :)

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If your asking how to play a character in L5R read the fiction under the LCG section of the website.


For the order to read them in 

An Empire In Turmoil (Learn To Play, p. 2)
A Season of War (Learn To Play, pp. 19-21)
Her Father's Daughter
The Price Of War
The Rising Wave
Dark Hands Of Heaven
Risen From The Flames
Curved Blades
Smokeless Fire
The World, A Stage
A Most Suitable Teacher
In the Garden of Lies (Part 1)
In the Garden of Lies (Part 2)
To The South (Part 1)
To The South (Part 2)
The Fate of Flames
Better To Be Certain
The Fires of Justice
The Stories We Tell
Blind Ambition
Service and Sacrifice
A Difference Of Lanterns
Family Duty
Beneath, Below, Beyond
Court Games
Flying Chariot, Standing
The Bright Flame of the World's Glory
Honor, Loyalty, Duty
Wildcats And Dragon Teeth
The Spectres of War
Repentance Does Not Come First


This should give you a basic idea of how to play a character in L5R.

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19 hours ago, JoeRocket said:

I'm new to Legend of the five rings role playing game. I don't understand how to play. Will someone please guide me into the right direction.

Are you new to the L5R roleplaying game but you have played other RPGs before, or are you new to tabletop RPGs in general? And since this is a group activity, do you know others to play with (and if so, what do they know about RPGs?) or are you also looking for a group?

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  • The setting
    • as @tenchi2a says, have a read of the fiction. The First Scroll has a map of Rokugan, some nice artwork, and a lot of good introductory fiction all in one place, and there's plenty of follow-on fiction too.
    • Pretty much any samurai movie going - Zatoichi, Yojimbo, 13 assassins, or more recent hollywood versions like 47 Ronin - can be plundered for inspiration.
  • The rules
    • Again, grab the beta download rules. Note that quite a few chunks of the basic rules were changed in the errata as the playtest went along, so read the rulebook and errata alongside one another; the downloadable rulebook didn't get updated with the changes (especially around duels, strife/unmasking, and wounds and critical injuries).
  • To play
    • You'll need the custom dice! Either get the Dice App, or make up some dice of your own by putting sticky labels over the faces of some 6-sided and 12-sided dice (the rulebook tells you how many of each face you want).


Enjoy. It's a very interesting system. It has its flaws, but also its strengths as well.

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