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What if the New Republic became very Anti-human as a reaction to the Empire?

Snoke coerced the New Republic into attacking Luke's Academy Luke heads into exile unwilling to risk recruiting openly giving the NR are reverently against a NJO fearing another Darth Vader.

Ironic Ben and a group of others survive the slaughter and some join him in forming the Knights of Wren in memory of a Mandalorian Warrior who helped them escape offworld.

Snoke recruits this shadowy order of Jedi Killers he knows as the Knights of Ren it's leader Kylo becomes Snoke's Lt although Snoke knows who he really is forcing him to kill Han to maintain his reputation. 

Unknown to the others he actually fakes the death insuring to pick up Han from the nets hidden out of sight of those above.

Kylo killed LST to protect Luke deliberately, unaware the map is a ruse revealing Snoke's infiltration of the NR.

Snoke blows up Hosnian Prime securing the NR into the control of his agents thereby adding the surviving Republic Fleet under his control along with the NR itself!

How does that sound?

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