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Scarif themed rebels.

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6 hours ago, migs6000 said:

Awesome work. I'm completely stealing your scheme but i'm not able to get the game color khaki, would desert yellow or iraqui sand work instead?

Iraqui sand might be a bit light but you could always give it a try.  Tallarn Sand by GW might also make a good substitute.  I'm glad you like my guys, but if you are stealing my scheme I want to see pics when you get some done!  

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4 hours ago, fade_74 said:

Here is a pic of each of my finished squads.  

Veeeerrry nice! 

- - - - - 

(makes me seriously consider copying this rather than an Endor/jungle scheme) 

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On 4/10/2018 at 7:51 PM, fade_74 said:

Another, more top-down view, as per your requests.  I should have added this image when I first made the post but I wasn't thinking.  Clipboard01.jpg.c224620241e3fbd15c98325732edc70e.jpg

What colors did you use for the window effect?

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