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Better Then Ghost/Fenn?

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I've been a Dash player for a long time, but since his inception he's had a crippling weakness - PS8+ movement. It just destroys him in most cases. Thankfully, the Sheathipede (and Fenn) fixes that rather nicely.

Fenn Rau (27)
Weapons Engineer

Dash Rendar (52)

Ezra Bridger (21)
Snap Shot

Totalling 100 points.

Dash is perfectly standard. However, the incredible danger of the snap-bot forces opponents to focus on Ezra first, and Fenn in turn makes everything nearly impossible to kill. After Ezra dies, Fenn just runs, forcing opponents to either chase him or live with rerolling 2 dice results each turn with M9-G8. Dash is always hard to kill, leading to a very tricky triumvirate of threats - none of which are easy to kill.

My typical opening is slow play for Rey, while Fenn TLs both his wingmates. I'll engage with Dash and Ezra while keeping Fenn out of range, then lead enemy ships away from Fenn with "risky" maneuvers, often causing them to ignore Fenn, who promptly target locks 1 enemy ship (if Dash can't trigger LW) or 2 enemy ships (if Dash can trigger LW). I haven't lost any of my 3 games yet, and most of the time Dash has survived on more than half health for great MoV.

My question is about the Weapons Engineer/M9-G8 combo on Fenn. It's 6 points, and I'm wondering if some other combo could get more value in this list. Maybe Countermeasures/Glitterstim on Dash and Hera on Ezra?

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M9-WE is really strong against targets without the ability to turn focus to hits (so focus tokens and expertise).  I've seen a jank U-Wing, Auzituck, A-Wing, AP-5 do strongly with it.  I personally have been loving it on an ARC with a standard Fenn Rau and standard Poe, going 9-2 in kit tournaments with it so far.

My only possible tweak to the list would be to run an AP-5 with M9-G8/WE, and the boring-but-good VI/FAA/HSCP Fenn Rau build.  This gets either a point for bid, switches Fenn to R3-A2 himself to counter Expertise, or gets Rigged Cargo Chute or Burnout SLAM for Dash (both are amazing in their way).  Such a version would have a bit more dice-poison, but no stress control.  However, that comes from not having really played with or against Ezra much.  He does some things better, some worse than something like my version of said list.

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