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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 71-80)

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71. The Shard Pistol in the Enoulian Warrior profile is different than Table 3-1: Enoulian Weaponry (Pen 1 vs Pen 0, Clip 100 vs Clip 20, and Reload 2Full vs Reload Full). Thoughts on the discrepancies?
72. The Shard Rifle in the Enoulian Warrior profile is different than Table 3-1 (I type damage vs R type damage,  Pen 1 vs Pen 0, and Clip 100 vs Clip 40). Thoughts on the discrepancies?
73. The Whisper Line in the Enoulian Warrior profile is different than Table 3-1 (1d10+4 damage ((dreived from 3 SB and doing 1d10+7)) vs 1d1-+1). Thoughts on the discrepancy?
——— > I’d use the profile for all. 
74. The Enoulian's food and water are mildly poisonous to humans, opinions on how this could be demostrated mechanically?
———— > Perhaps a Routine Toughness test. It’s more a narrative note for playing the character. 
75. Does a Xeno-craft multi-use tool operate in any particularly different way than a human version? Can it be used by humans for example? Penalties for non xenos? That sort of thing.
———— > Same answer as earlier for other xeno items. 
76. While I note that Enslavers can control anyone feasibly are they more drawn to those who practice sorcery than just a normal human? Does the dark art act as a similar beacon to an enslaver group?
———— > Sorcery is just another name for using psychic powers, so yes. 
77. Enslavers have a movement based on an AB of 2, but they are Size Hulking, so should they not have a movement based on AB 3 (AB 2 + 1 for Size)?
——— > No. Please assume for all other NPCs that the profile is correct in all cases. 
78. Are we to assume the Enslaver's profile already reflects the +10 Toughness for Multiple Arms, or do we need to add it ourselves?
——— > The former. 
79. Does Enslavement work off of the same psychic sustaining rules as Dominate or do Enslavers treat this differently as it seems to be an inherent ability of their biology?
——— > The latter. 
Or, I guess I may be misunderstanding Dominate at a core level, and could more simply ask once a target is Enslaved, does the power need to be sustained?
80. Is an Enslaver gate destroyed once reaching 0 wounds? Or does it need to go in to critical range to be fully obliterated?
———— > The former. 

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