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And so it begins!

Imperial 501st Legion Commander


The First Three Finished Imperial 501st Legion Troops


Went to an assembly line mentality, have just the black detailing done on these ten...once I get the remaining 29 stormies and 6 speeder troops detailed I'll move on to the gloss black helmet lenses, light grey, blue, and dark blue detailing to finish them all off! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then I'll have all the rebel troopers to do...


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I don't know if I'm being too meticulous in all the details I'm trying to paint or if I just don't have as much time to invest as everyone else...but I have more WIP photos, none of these are done yet...

Imperial forces: 1 Vader, 3 "normal" stormie platoons (1 orange pauldron commander, 1 grey pauldron commander, and 1 black pauldron commander), two 501st-Vader's Fist platoons (grey pauldron commander w/teal stripe on left shoulder pad-rest of platoon has a matching stripe and the black pauldron commander), and 5/7ths of an Imperial Shock Trooper platoon (orange pauldron commander).

For those that are going to notice these things: yes those are 3D printed concept-prototype Y-Wings for X-Wing Miniatures (2.0! OMG SO EXCITED), 3D printed ski-speeders, 3D printed container tokens, and there is a BB-9E cat toy on the floor. All the 3D printed stuff is from Shapeways - a mix of Mel's Miniatures and Alien Luxury Miniatures, both of which are better at taking my money than even A$MODEE games/FFG is...


Close-up of the Imperial Shock Troopers, 501st in the background - as you can see (save the back 3, left 501st troops) no one has gotten Nuln Oil detailing/highlights yet...


Specialty Commander Units

The nails are from painting 1/270th scale 3D printed vulture droids - magnetized. Holy Hot & Steamy Jar Jar Erotica those things are tiny...


The Normie Stormies - I think I will be doing a left shoulder stripe to distinguish each platoon, grey (matching grey pauldron commander) and darker grey (to go with the black pauldron commander).


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On 4/12/2018 at 5:47 AM, ZealuxMyr said:

Darth Vader

I needed a break from all the stormtroopers that I am still working on...


I still have some highlighting and contrast to add, plus the all-important saber glow. But I've reenergized myself to get back to the horde of stormies... :blink: 

Awesome. What did you use to get the shine on the armor? 

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14 minutes ago, mr_mithrandir said:

Awesome. What did you use to get the shine on the armor? 

Tamiya X-1 Black model paint.

It's a gloss paint that I typically use it for X-Wing Miniatures and Armada fighter squadrons cockpits. Been using it for my stormtrooper's helmet lenses and it also works well for certain parts of Lord Vader. His shins, boots, chest and arms have it too - just those got a dulling dry brushing of matte black paint. The helmet stayed glossy, cause that's how he supposed to look :)

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The way you have used the glossy black is excellent and really makes him look like he does in the films.  The stormtroopers look great as well.


I’m in the same boat as you. I have two stormtrooper units done, along with Vader and Luke, the soeederbikes and one of the two rebel trooper units from my first core set.  I picked up a second core set along with an airspeeder and an AT ST.  So still a lot of painting to do and no time.  It’s okay - we will get there eventually!

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Ouch, Necroing my own painting thread...all those fracking X-Wing repaints and Armada squadrons I've been painting...

I did finish all 6 squads of Stormies finally, buy I have not lined them up for a photo yet. I've since moved on by starting to mod 1 squad of Rebel Troopers (into a squad of Mon Calamari) but got distracted by starting to paint both my squads of Rebel Fleet Troopers...I've since been distracted once more, so here's one finished Fleet Trooper Commander mini:


I got distracted from my fleet troopers by X-Wing repaints and, when returning to Legion painting, I completely disregarded my Fleet Trooper progress and went headlong into painting Chewbacca and a full squad of Wookiee Warriors (by the force, Wookiees are awesomely fun to paint):


I've started my second squad of Wookiee Warriors (painting Emperor Palpatine in between - did not take photos of him yet) and we'll see how that goes...

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Your Vader looks awesome. Like the gloss effect you achieved. Your wookie squads are great. I too picked up 2 squads and every wookie is going to look unique. I did the same for my Royal Guards. I did 4 Red/Maroon (RotJ) 2 Black/Red (comic) 2 Blues (Clone Wars throwback)

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Communication Technician - alternate blue color scheme


M9-G8 (Mel's Miniatures)


Boba Fett test assembly (bloody fantastic idea shamelessly stolen from here:


And the parts I'm not using from Boba Fett, thanks to this mod, were used to fix this Fallout: New California game piece:



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Imperial Scout - Ready for the Forrest Floor of Endor


I still have the florescent-gloss-green visor lense to do...but I had to order the paint from Amazon so I'll get to that when it comes in...

WIP Pics:

Reference Photo (Episode III Kashyyyk Clones)


Base coating: Tamiya XF-62 Olive Drab as base color and Citadel Nurgling Green for the armor plates.


Base coats pretty much completed


Detail straps, pouches, and guns


Add camo pattern (random striping/dotting of 5 different colors: 3 shades of green and 2 complimentary shades of brown)


Trim boot bottoms in black and darkwash


...final step with gloss-green visor coming soon...

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Imperial Scout with finished gloss-green visor


General Steps to Completion:

  1. Olive Drab Base (Tamiya XF-62)
  2. Nurgling Green Armor Plates
  3. Mix (4:7) Olive Drab:Mournfang Brown Gloves
  4. Elysian Green straps
  5. Ogryn Camo Large Pouches
  6. Zandri Dust Small Pouches
  7. Mournfang Brown Buckles
  8. Ogryn Camo Camo Swatches
  9. Elysian Green Camo Swatches
  10. Loren Forest Camo Swatches
  11. Zandri Dust Camo Swatches
  12. XV-66 (Brown) Camo Swatches
  13. Abaddon Black boot bottoms
  14. 1:8 Nuln Oil:Windex dark wash
  15. Gloss Fluorescent Light Green Lens (Tamiya X-15 Light Green)

Unless otherwise identified paint colors/names are all Citadel.

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