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Dan Iliescu

Netrunner[Runner versus Corporation] Gathering

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Some pictures for home use Netrunner in possession of. So kind of what the rectangle has: the manual, the 2 hacker decks and 2 corporation decks and some of the sleeves or encasing for the cards.

The images are attached, not sure how to include in message box of yet if possible.

The Runner has

Codeslinger the icebreaker node and
Smart Eye the program for cards to utilize similar in manner to what makes sense the Runner Company should have

The Corporation has

Public relations with Transactions
Encryption Breakthrough with Agendas in Research

There are some visible numbers, still learning the game sorry if it is a little weird.

Feel free to post some of yours on deck or maybe even some of the same. Wonderful idea to forum this Netrunner game.

Thanks these are like  Angel Angel Huh Huh Undecided Undecided Heart Heart   Big Grin Big Grin  to me at least.






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I don't k ow of ma y people that play Original Nerrunner (ONR) at all.

There could be a few collectors that are interested.

The new Android Netrunner (ANR), does not use card rarity so there is nothing that makes one card more valuable that another.

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