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designing NPC companions

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so my character is on his own in the imperial inquisition as a undercover agent and is currently trying to recruit NPC to make a small party but both me and the GM are scratching our heads over how to create said characters

the thing is i don't want to lead minions i want a pilot mainly as putting the points into piloting for my character is going to be expensive as fork and i don't believe that any droids have the ability to be pilots, nor do i have the mechanics or computer skill to make such things.

and one final thing before the "your with the empire, you have everything" my GM doesn't hand things out for free unless necessary and then only as long as it is needed

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The simplest solution is to probably just get an Astromech, they have all the skills you want and can be found anywhere for a reasonable price. There are also pilot droid models available. You or your GM could easily make up a droid pilot either using the rules for a PC or the droid crafting rules, or just as a NPC.

Another choice might be to get the astrogation and autopilot droid brains for your ship. They're expensive and not that great at piloting and astrogating but they're better than nothing and don't cost any hard points.

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