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J Viz

Wave 1-3 Tournament List - Rebel

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Hi all

I've been out of the game for a while due to the distractions of fatherhood but there is a wave 1-3 tournament coming up that I am very much tempted by. As the name would suggest it is for wave 1-3 ships and upgrades only plus Rebel and Imperial Aces.

I'm looking to stick to what I know and run a Han and Jake list but it's currently missing C3-PO, Autothrusters and Predator. To be honest the elite abilities from these waves are pretty underwhelming apart from VI and PTL.

This is what I have so far:

Jake Farrell
Hull Upgrade/Shield Upgrade/Stealth Device

Han Solo
Gunner/Luke Skywalker

Engine Upgrade

Jake is easy as he is just a toss up between the 3 mods, stealth device could be really frustrating for my opponents as he is likely to be equipped with focus and evade most turns but the others are more 'reliable'.

For Han there are still elite talents and crew up in the air.

Elite - I have kind of talked myself out of Marksmanship as my actions will mostly be used to evade or boost and Luke offers some offensive mods. VI is a solid choice but it may be a benefit to have both ships at the same PS for easier manoeuvring. The Falcon does not have enough green's for PTL really but given the large hull value Determination could useful.

Crew - I think the only way I would take gunner is if I was using marksmanship so it is likely to be Luke. Chewbacca offers some more defensive options and will allow me to dodge a nasty crit whilst navigator should help to avoid bumping (although I've never used it).

ATM (and for sheer fluffiness on the falcon) I'm looking at:

Jake Farrell (34)
Stealth Device

Han Solo (63)
Luke Skywalker
Engine Upgrade

Any thoughts on this are more than welcome though as I was not playing at this stage so not sure what to expect to see there (except probably TIE swarms)

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