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TK's Blue Legion

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The Blue Legion rises. All of my tabletop armys had a blue color scheme and my legion armies will too. Yeah i overdid a bit with the stormies. But this guys are 1-colored, so maybe not my whole fault :D. This time i used the washes more for accentuation than for making the minis dirty. I think the result is for that minimum work great. And for a play-army it's ok. they wont win beauty contests.

I took the mid blue to show that a standard trooper. snowtrooper will get a light blue. when the death trooper come they will get a dark blue. so you can see what type of mini it is at the model and at the color.

For those who dont like a blue Darth Vader: Get over it. He's got his own fluff and is called Darth Nemo.

I thought about how to indicate the units on the field. I discarded the idea of colored shoulders or special symbols. So i took the way to indicate the units over the base. Which should be much easier in combat. And all minis look the same what is great to be a legion. Team red and green are ready for combat!

The base of commanders will just be black. they are always unique so there is no need to have different colors.

Vehicles are a bit tricky. I cant shape the base and have the arcs seen. So i decided to choose 2 colored bases. The front and rear firearc have the same color and the side arcs a different color. so every information is still there and the vehicles are indicated. The current bikes are red and green. The next bikes will get 2 other colors.

Whats still missing is the matt lacquer, but i have to wait for warmer weather than they get their finish.


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This......Cannot be unseen! :blink:


Seriously though, as much as this hurts my eyes its a good paintjob and I appreciate anyone willing to paint outside of the standard Star Wars schemes! Eventually we are all gonna be sick to our stomache of classical white stormies so armies like yours will even things out!


Kudos to you mate!

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Very Cool! This looks like something straight out of a Marvel/Darkhorse comic book. I could picture the Troopers white armor taking on that color during a night raid on a luminescent world like Felucia.

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