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Polda's Legion Bad Guys Emporium (New arrivals: What? It's a nice hat.)

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I am not set on buying the specialists, so here's two proxies. 
ISB infiltrator body + some traded warhammer bits for comms tech.
ISB infiltrator's head on an Imperial Assault officer for... welp... the officer.



Med-bots are just IA probe droids on X-Wing pegs, nothing interesting there.

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On 3/14/2019 at 12:15 PM, xmarkusx said:

Sick looking work here! Hope you are painting Jyn & / or Pathfinders in near future, i'm holding mine off till i see some good quality equivalent to take model off :)

They're all primed but I have no clue when I can get to them. Might be a while.

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13 hours ago, Alan Noir said:

All this stuff is really pro. Think I saw the DTs on instagram. Jyn and Pathfinders are next on my list and Ill be bookmarking this thread for inspiration

Oh yeah, I still need to paint the rest of the Pathfinders at some point :D

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