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"Begun, this paint war has" (Added Lothal speeder bikes)

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Figured I might as well share my Lothal board build, and a few of the upcoming pieces to make things a bit more "Rebels"-y


Modular walls and Vaporators based on Morad Sumar's farm and other locations from the show. Will update as the pieces are completed. If you're interested in following terrain progress and seeing some 3d renders and prints you can find them in my thread in Terrain Building.



Sneak peek at some upcoming Lothal based additions to my Imperial forces...






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Threw down a quick airbrush and drybrush on the test print for the Imperial Troop Transport, intended to operate as a "counts as" Occupier.

Printed beautifully and paints easy. Need to do another pass to add/modify some details and print another. My favorite part? It costs me maybe a dollar in materials!





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5 minutes ago, SFC Snuffy said:

Nice! They've got a certain "Terminator-meets-Space-Marine" look about them, but I don't think they're too far outside the Star Wars aesthetic. And it's your game so my opinion doesn't matter anyway! 😄

They were in SW Rebels, and based on the Dark Troopers from the old 90s game "Dark Forces", which more or less shaped a huge portion of my childhood ;)



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Huh. Apparently, I've not delved deep enough into Rebels to have run across them. Now that I have something to compare, you made a nice likeness!

I remember Dark Troopers, though I don't recall them looking quite so much like 40K Space Marines... for me, that was around the time the EU jumped the shark and I started to get a little more selective with what was added to my headcanon. 

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