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I must be overthinking this card because I have been playing ANR since inception (my GOAT) and this card still makes me scratch my head. 

It reads:

"Whenever you make a successful run on R&D, you may reveal the top card of R&D. If you do, you may force the Corp to draw that card."

So how does this work exactly? 

If the runner forces corp to reveal the card and its an agenda, can they a) steal it or is their only option to b)force corp to drawn or put back on R&D? If b) and they force the corp to draw a card, does the runner get to access the card following the forced draw?

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It does exactly what it says on the tin: you may reveal the top card of R&D, and if you do you MAY force the corp to draw that card. They’re both optional. 


After you make your decisions, the run proceeds as normal. What do you do when you access R&D? Access the top card just like always.


If it was a nice tasty agenda, you could  just leave it right where it is. If you didn’t care about accessing that card, force them to draw it. Then it’s not the top card of R&D anymore; it’s a card in HQ. Why would you access it?

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The reason you might be having trouble with this is down to the timing chart - it's a non-intuitive part of Netrunner that a run is declared successful BEFORE any accesses happen.

So, you approach R&D.
You commit to access.
The run is successful, and any cards that trigger on "when run successful" happen NOW. (This also includes any cards that pay on a successful run, like the no-longer legal Desperado and Temujin Contract, but NOT cards that trigger when a successful run ENDS, like Dirty Laundry or Dedicated Response Team).
You decide to force the draw or not.
Then you move to the access step and access whatever is the top card of R&D.

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