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Samuraislyr's Painting Log

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I haven't gotten very far yet, still assembling and waiting for a few replacement pieces. 

But I did manage to finish about half the stormtroopers. Keeping them pretty traditional for now. 

These aren't' fully done technically when I took the photos, but just some minor touch up left basically, and I'm adding a bit more sand texture to the bases in places to give a bit of height in areas. 

Hoping to get Vader done soon, and have the imperials all painted up for the time being.




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18 hours ago, Dash Two said:

Is that garden mulch subbed in for rocks and, if yes, painted or just as is?  Solid look

Yea, it's tanbark for the big rocks and then just pebbles and stuff here and there. 

For the speeder bikes I did a little painting - washed the tanbark and some drybrushing, but for the speeder I pretty much left them as is. 

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