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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 51-60)

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51. Is the +10 to resisting attempts to control a beast that has broken free of Bestial Ally cumulative?
———— > No. 
52. Can a sanctioned psyker and/or sorceror learn the Verminspeaking minor power and the Bestial Ally major power as part of gaining access to a new minor or major power respectively?
———— > If there are sufficient narrative justifications that the PC could learn them, sure. Like spending a very long time in an underhive or similar setting, or getting trained from a Verminspeaker. 
53. Whats the order of operations for Exsanguination: Locust successfully damages target - Blood drain damage - Attempt to Brush away as Half, or Locust successfully damages target - Attmept to Brush away as Half - No Blood Drain if successful?
———— > Wounds inflicted in locust’s turn by their fangs, in character's turn they can try to brush it off, if failed then more wounds inflicted. 
I ask because it only says that the damage occurs durring the targets next turn, but not exactly when.
———— > The extra damage is something that isn’t part of the regular fang attack, as that could only happen in the locusts’ turn. It only happens in target’s turn, and happens either after the brush-off fails or end of their turn if they don’t try at all. 
54. As the Locust's size can vary does this affect the natural movement rate of the swarm? If so why is the rate listed as a base AB 4 when it should be base AB 5 (AB 3 in profile +2 for Size (Enourmous) at the listed 60 wounds)
———— > No and because it’s an NPC.
55. For Overwhleming, what if there are less targets than possible swarm attacks? Does nothing happen in this case, the attack is nulled due to lack of targets?
———— > Correct. 
56. Does the size of the swarm go up by one category for every 20 wounds past 60 as a rule of thumb, or does the swarm solely cap itself at Massive being above 60 just having more wounds?
———— > The latter. 
57. The Avenger Shuriken Catapult on the Dire Avenger statblock has Pen 4, Clip 30, and Reload Full which is different than the one in the Eldar Weaponry table which has Pen 6, Clip 100, Reload 2 Full.
I don't believe it's an intended deviation because the Shuriken Pistol in the statblock is the same as the Weaponry table. Thoughts?
——— > I’d use the table. 
58. What kind of pistol training does the Dire Avenger have? It doesn't specifiy. I'd think Las like the Rangers, but I don't want to assume.
———— > As NPCs, they have whatever training is needed to use the weapons they are listed with. 
59. Does a Xeno-craft medikit operate in any particularly different way than a human version? Can it be used by humans for example? Penalties for non xenos? That sort of thing.
———— > Up to the GM. I’d say it would rather difficult for humans to use unless they are very familiar with Eldar tech or languages. 
60. The Ranger's long rifle in the Eldar Ranger profile makes no mention of the special penetration rules it has stated in the Eldar Weaponry table. Is this intentional, or just saving room?
——— > I’d assume the latter. 

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