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I, of course, had to do the Vault Dweller's jumpsuit as though it is from Vault 101. My Vault Dweller also has a facial expression that leads me to conclude he went ahead and DID ALL THE DRUGS...I forgot eyelids are a thing so he has googly-eye looking eyes and, at this point, it's too funny to go back and fix :P

This is my first time painting (and basing) minifigures, typically I repaint product from FFG's Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures or Star Wars: Armada games... Got to say, I enjoyed painting these minifigures far more than repainting ships from the Star Wars games. These are organic, forgiving, and contain ZERO perfectly straight lines or hard edges. So much more fun!

I do, as you can see, still have to paint my Brootherhood Outcast figure. Hope to get that done this weekend! :)

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Thank you @Fnoffen.


I still haven't gotten to basing the Fallout: New California miniatures yet, but I did use some spare parts (clear peg and jetpack flame) from a Star Wars: Legion Boba Fett miniature to fix the Mr. Handy model's appearance:



Now, hopefully, my next update will be the models all nicely based and ready for questing!

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Fantastic idea with the flame and peg.

I'm kinda reminded about my wifes genious idea of how to make a Frodo model wearing The One Ring. She simply made a base and created two glue (the kind that turns transparent when it dries) footprints on it. Simple when you think of it.

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for elaboration.

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