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26 minutes ago, JediSamurai said:

Plan A:

" nice Arc-170...lemme smash? "

" my list has 36HP...lemme smash? "

" < insert w/e >...lemme smash? "


Plan B:  Joust, Joust, Joust!!!


So I'm guessing you try to stick to the most joustiest list you can find?

What do you think that is right now?

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Well I dunno, I've found this thread both amusingly silly AND very informative. Win/win.

I've been deep in numerous forums over the years and following this one since the start of this year. I was hugely impressed by the good vibes here. Helpful, informative and friendly all round. I have noticed a slight uptick in snarkiness lately, thanks to the please nerf/don't nerf trend. But it's still minor imo.

I've seen it a lot, reasonable people become a bit more knee jerk, post tone is misread and things easily become inflammatory. I honestly feel like there's hardly any members here who are intentionally rude or arrogant and go out to inflate themselves. Almost everywhere else I've been a member, there has been numerous and rows are fairly frequent things.

People just need to remember how good the X Wing community, think twice and re-read with a positive mindset before posting sometimes. The disagreements I've seen on this forum are practically all small scale and lacking the genuine horrible stupidity I've seen time and again elsewhere.

May the Force be with you all.


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I read through 4 pages of this, and I am disappointed no one has responded with the right level of The Office childishness...so allow me!

On ‎3‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 11:15 AM, Kieransi said:

I usually have to use my Swiss Army Knife to get those annoying little blister packs open. It's why I can handle the added cost of more and more things coming in boxes lately. 


That's what she said!


which coincidentally is my opener

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Funny, I remember some really troublesome individuals that seemed to take ruining the forum and the game as a personal goal.  PGS being one of those.  If anything the forum these days is far less toxic, but a bit more....anxious?  There’s always been times between waves where the players get restless and the meta gets stale and the cries of nerf/buff again ring out.  

12 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

May the Force be with you all.

Live long and prosper.?

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11 hours ago, GreenDragoon said:

Oh come on! „To be fair“? „Honestly“ ?!

The question is „What are your openers?“

Yes it is an open question, but that is a pitiful rationalization for the spam galore that occured after.

What are your openers?

Here are some templates:

“I don‘t have a general opener with my current squad. My general plan is X, and here is the thought process I go through.“

“My usual opener is X based on the idea Y“

“It depends on the opponent. Against the current boogeyman I have to do X, so I try to open with Y. But most games I can do Z.“

Yes it is an open question, but maybe you could all try to answer what he‘s asking and we could get some actual, thoughtful discussion. What a novelty on this forum that would be!

chill out, this is a friendly board and no one did anything wrong 

the original post didnt clarify its purpose and was vague, personally i thought it meant how do you greet your opponent, as "opener" has no meaning in x-wing. clearly some people thought it was about lists or first moves, etc. and all were reasonable assumptions

people posting jokes was better than "wtf you talking about".


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