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Minions in combat

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Hey Everyone, I was going to wait to pick up my book and dice until the first setting book came out, but I couldn't wait, and now I have some questions on how Minions work!

When it's the minions turn to activate in combat, it's my understanding that you can activate them as a group or individually.

If you activate them as a group do they all attack the same PC?  When making an combat check you add 1 rank to that skill for every extra minion beyond the first. So if there are 5 minions (assuming their starting skill value is 2), their pool would be 3 yellow dice? So they (as a group) make a single attack roll against a PC, and any damage from that roll is directed toward the PC? 

So the minion groups get weaker as you take more of them down since their skill gets a bonus based on how many are in the group? 


Now if I didn't want to activate them all as a group, I would roll initiative separately for all of them and they would make separate attack rolls and everything, right? 


I'm fairly new to Tabletop RPG's so I've never seen this minion mechanic before.


Thanks in advance!



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Minions essentially form 1 acting unit. Usually 1 member of a minion group acta alone if the rest are taken out. This is mainly to reduce the work load and time taken each round in combat. 

The minion group act as a single entity, targeting on character or group working a task. Do note the group upgrades their check ONLY if the group has profiency in that skill. This means the group is proficient in spefic tasks and not uberkin based on numbers. The 1 to 3 skills they are proficient with is listed inq their stats.

Other than that ya, upgrade based on numbers. In your case it would be 2Y 2G. 2 stat + 4 skill (5 minus the first minion in the group). Take the highest as ability dice and upgrade by the lower value. 

And yes, the more you reduce the size of the group the less effective they will be. Typically you want to keep them as a group. Narratively they are stock nobodies. Enemies that do more narratively important things are rivals and nemiseses. Minion are just obstacles you throw in the players way.

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