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Marie Lambeau - Smokey Velvet

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So assume you got that reward for Marie Lambeau:

"Once per round, after you perform an action, you may allow another investigator on any space to perform that action"

Let's assume I did a component action on Arcane Insight spell.

1. Can another investigator repeat it even if they don't have a copy of that spell on them?

2. If they do have a copy of that spell are they bound to cast it?

3. Or can they choose a different target for component action (like Mi-go Brain Case)?

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Nicole: That is a good question. I think you are correct that they would need the spell in order to cast it. But since Ian and I have been using Marie we have had her give more generic actions to other investigators such as travel and rest actions. 

Ian: I would suggest you send an official rule query. Off the top of my head, however, it seems to me that "component actions" is a title for a group of actions rather than one specific action in this game (ex: "each component action counts separately"). Thus, the specific component action being performed would need to be duplicated, not just a "component action." So my answers to your question would be N,Y,N. Just my two cents. :)  

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