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First Terrain

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So, I've gotten my first-ever wargaming terrain together just in time for the release of Legion.  It's on a 3x4 table, so I think I'll need a bit more for a full 3x6, but I should have the barriers from the core set to add.

Ironically I ended up with more desert-themed pieces but the 3x6 mat I bought is a forest one (not in pic); guess I'll have to make more forest terrain.

Here's the full view.  It's a mix of Imperial Terrain pieces (two buildings and the vaporators) and homemade (the remainder).


Imperial terrain building with some detail added.



Homemade building as an Imperial Recruiting station. Needs more greeble; the details are what make the 3D printed pieces nice.


A A-wing from a Revell Snap-Tite kit is the right scale, with a landing pad.


Homemade in the foreground; Imperial Terrain in the background.


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9 hours ago, Mirkon said:

ohhh, I love the posters.
Did you buy these from somewhere or do you have a cheeky document you could upload ? ;)

Actually you can just search for Star Wars posters and you get alot of everything.  I personally searched for Star Wars wanted posters and found a cool one that had Auberesh text and using a found Auberesh alphabet sheet I copied and pasted a wanted poster for Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando, Admiral Ackbar and C-3PO & R2-D2. They were then scaled down to a compatible size. 

Although I am building an Imperial Space Station/Death Star interior as my first table. (Modular so it doesn't get old) a Tattoine table and a Galaxy Edge table is also planned. (based on the Disney theme park) and my posters will go there.

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Your table is going to look great. If you want to make those pieces seem more cohesive with an endor type mat just throw some darker tones on your terrain pieces. Although I don't think it is necessary. Really digging that landing pad. 

Your video on youtube reviewing the A-wing actually inspired me to go out and pick up 2 A-Wings from my local Hobby Lobby along with 2 T-47 speeders and an AT-ST. All in 1:48th scale and they are nicely detailed Bandai models. A little hint... Hobby Lobby offers a 40% off coupon so I picked them up for around $18.00 each. The only problem is right after building them and appreciating how nice they look my next thought was how am I going to destroy these things!

Great job. Keep posting and enjoy the game.

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