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Spending Advantage outside of combat

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I am just starting out with the Beginner Game and prepping for my first session as GM. 

In the Adventure Book and the (Beginner Game) Rule Book it seems to suggest that players can spend Advantage in combat such as spending 2 advantage to perform a bonus maneuver. 
However, in the "Read this First" example of play, it shows a player rolling 2 advantage when attempting to hide in the cantina and then suggesting he spends those to make a bonus maneuver to draw his weapon. 
So can advantage be spent in this way outside of combat?
Thanks in advance. 

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Yes. The dice results can be spent regardless of being in combat or not. I think the confusion is there is a table in RAW for threats/advantages in combat, but not something likewise for non-combat uses. There is a reason for that since they greatly depend on the skill you are using outside of combat. Instead, uses are listed in the description for each skill in the Skills chapter.

Someone made a quick reference table for all of the skills with examples of interpreting the die results, but I can't seem to find it online anywhere. I assume the author read each skill and put the die descriptions into a table? It's called "Skills Description Reference Sheet" but my copy doesn't have any author information.

ETA: Not the one I was speaking of, but look at this massive reference and scroll down to page 17: http://files.elliothayward.net/SWEE/SW-EotE-Reference-Sheets_updated.pdf

BUT these are just EXAMPLES. Part of the fun is making up your own on the fly. Advantages are used for anything that gives a slight bonus or advantage.

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