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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 41-50)

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41. Option #1 for the Skin Taker has a movement based on AB 6, but it has AB 4 naturally and the Quardruped trait which should make its movement based off of AB 8. Opinions?
———— > Keep it as is. 
42. Should Option #1 for the Skin Taker have natural armour on its multiple arms as well?
——— > I’d have to say no, but it’s really up to the GM. 
43. So...a bit baffling, the Stenchbeast is in the Vermin and Predators section (which is filled with Xeno category so far save the Skin Taker option #2) also it is stated as a xenoform in the accompanying journal entry for Stenchbeasts from Acolyte Baar.
However, it is shown in the profile as a Heretic (the skull) and threat rated as a Malleus Minoris yet has none of the common traits of a creature of the warp.
Further addressed in the adventure seed it would seemingly confirm that they are at least in some way related to warp entities as warp tainted humans who once worshiped some pagan warp entity.
An idea futher backed up in Felroth Gelt's journal entry as to what Interrogator Sarangaas had been investigating upon Strank.
So what exactly would you recommend the Stenchbeast be categorized as for the sake of a bestiary entry?
——— > It’s a beast but has some warp connection, the details of which are up to the GM. If the GM doesn’t want to play up that angle, they can be treated as regular creatures. 
44. In the print copy of Creatures Anathema the Stenchbeast has a movement based off AB 4, but a profile AB of 3 (Agility 30) and the Quadruped trait which should make the movement based off of AB 6.
However, the pdf copy gives the Stenchbeast an AB of 20, meaning AB 2 and a movement based off of AB 4 with the quadruped trait.
Which Agility should the Stenchbeast have, and if 30 opinions on the movement rate?
———— > 20, with Move 4/8/12/24
45. Should the natural armour of the stench beast also apply to their arms?
———— > See #42
46. What Hieghtened Sense does the Verminspeaker get, or is the lack of designation meant to state the Verminspeaker can choose what sense is being heightened?
———— > Pick one. 
47. Is a creature aware when a psyker is using Verminspeaking on it?
——— > No. 
48. Can a creature resist a Verminspeaker's attempt at the Verminspeaking minor power?
———— > Not unless it’s a creature with some means to do so. In general, though, no.
49. Can a psyker send telepathic commands to their bestial ally while also seeing through their eyes with verminspeaking?
———— > See the Note under the power. 
50. What is the effective range a psyker can send a telepathic command to a Bestial Ally?
———— > “Close” would mean shouting distance I’d imagine. 

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