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Escutcheon's Painting Thread

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Finished my Death Knights! They are ready to trample the foes of Waiqar.

It took a few iterations to settle on the color scheme, since I wanted them to both stand out from the basic warriors but also share a similar theme, hence the dark granite armor (to match the Reanimate shields), green cloth, and overall muted look. 

Ankaur Maro is next (he's 80% done, it's just... a lot of bone to highlight).





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Thank you. 

The base is regular sand you'll find on a beach or construction site. I use PVA glue to stick to the bases and trays before basecoating. I also sandpaper the trays beforehand to help the sand adhere.

If you can find tiny roots or twigs, that adds different textures too.

The colors are (from the Army Painter): Oak Brown; Strong Tone (quite a lot because I want it to look muddy); drybrush Oak Brown; very light drybrush Desert Yellow.

Then Army Painter swamp tufts to finish.

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Cheers! Eyes are a dot of white (after the wash/dark tone fills in the eye sockets) followed by watered down Jungle Green or Scorpion Green just around the edges of the sockets. 


Use the tiniest brush you have.

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Only just seen these- your death knight horses are really good, great choices- face to face I think they'd be really intimidating with a huge fear factor, the sanguine blood-brown's quite unsettling, all the more so if you know a bit of Terrinoth lore as there's a creepy suggestion as to their various possible unnatural origins- you might not even look at the riders- if the horses scare you that much....


Great job!


I'm now running. Fast. Those things don't look like they'd nuzzle you for a sugar lump. Not that you should give horses sugar IRL anyway but you get my point.

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