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Mad Cat

Stockton on Tees Regional. Rieekan returns

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On 11 March @Jammers@Touston and myself attended the Beanie Games Regional in Stockton on Tees.  It was my first time there and it’s a great venue, plenty of space, nice matts, well run event. There was also an open box of Star Wars Legion to check out. There were 21 of us in a three round event. All lists and final standings are shown here.


So my force was a slight variation to my usual tournament list. I often play Imperials in Store champ & seasonal events but revert to this in bigger competitions. I had recently dropped Bright Hope to get a 2 point bid and replaced Nora with Shara to help lock down fighters away from my B-Wings while they crack ships. Interestingly I took Shara at the Liverpool regionals earlier and nobody shot at her all tournament and I was thinking of reversing the change but I was glad I didn’t.



My List

398/400 Most Wanted, Capture VIP, Solar Corona
MC80C, Rieekan, Tallon, FCTs, Boosted Comms, ECM
Neb-Escort, Yavaris, FCTs, Flight Commander
GR75T, Comms Net
Jan, Dutch, Shara, Wedge, Gold, X-Wing, 2 B-Wing 124/134


My ideal formation is for the MC80 to flank the enemy, let’s say orbiting them clockwise with the enemy off the starboard bow. Slightly behind to my right will go the BCC flotilla and Yavaris making an “L” shape with the fighters in a nice blob off the front-right of the “L”. Boosted comms lets me activate from long range with the flagship and Yavaris can always speed up and use flight commander at the crucial time. Tallon and FCTs can get B-Wings or Gold Squadron in place to double tab against ships. If the enemy alpha strike my fighters then Wedge can go zombie and he and Dutch can double tap their way clear with Jan providing a turn or two of Intel to free up the B-wings so they can go for ships. Last of all the comms net GR75 usually deploys parallel to the table edge further out to the right of the “L”. He tends to skirt around the back of the formation and appear on the far side of my entire fleet lending out tokens. It is especially useful in Capture the VIP and Most Wanted scenarios. Rieekan allows me to keep a fighter alive and is useful to lock down fighter blobs with a pre-emptive Shara lunge. I can also preserve Yavaris for one more turn while I double tap against ships. My GR75s can also be used to pin MC80A Ackbar ships in position or move three inches in front of BT Avenger in the full knowledge that if it gets shot or rammed it can survive keeping the big nasty enemy in place for another turn of double tapping fighters while my more expensive ships move away.


Round One v Raddus

398/400, Most Wanted, Ion Cannon, Solar Corona
MC80S, Raddus, Mon Karren, SW7s, Strategic Adviser, XX9s, H9s, GTs
Hammerhead-T, Garell's Honour, E-Racks
MC75-Ord, Aspiration, EWS, Ord-Pods, ACMs, OE
GR75T, Coms Net, Bright Hope
Shara, 3xA-Wings, 50/134

My new 2 point bid was equal to his and I won the toss, choosing first player and Solar Corona. I deployed My “L” shaped fleet in the centre of the table but turns out Yavaris was on the wrong side as he deployed everything afterwards. "Up-Sun" was to my right but I never actually rolled an accuracy. He had the MC75 in Raddus-reserve while the MC80S & Hammerhead deployed off my starboard side coming in fast with his flotilla bringing up the rear ready to fling A-Wings into my squadron blob.
Turn 1: I gave out Nav tokens to Yavaris as it Navigated to slow and come around the rear of the MC80 to get on the correct side. I used FCTs to get the slow B-Wings as far forwards as I could. The enemy maintained speed 3. Shara & Wedge pin some fighters in no-man’s land during the squadron phase.
Turn 2: The MC75 stays in reserve. My flotilla got Dutch to damage an outlying A-Wing then Wedge finished him off and got to move into the rest of the enemy fighters pinning them and using escort to attract all their fire. He delays with small ships and the Strat Adviser while I bring Yavaris round (wasting his squad command to a token but speeding up again with that nav token from turn 1) and my flagship gets some B-Wings, Jan and Gold to attack the front of the star cruiser. My Flagship was out of range to shoot and then turned away to its left by one yaw (should have done two). His MC80S then shoots my BCC Flotilla with H9s but at long range only damaged it. He also damages squadrons with flak and some counter from the A-Wings. Wedge goes Zombie. A B-Wing that was Talloned earlier and the X-wing which hadn’t activated yet so did more damage removing all three front shields form the star cruiser.
Turn 3: In comes the MC75 near to the Star cruiser, completely in the front arc of my MC80C and double arcing it at almost point blank (should have yawed trice last turn). I activate Yavaris first who Shoots & double taps the B-Wings killing the Star cruiser. Gold squadron only put in one shot before it finally blew so shot once on the front (EWS obscured) shield of the MC75 which was very close. Aspiration activates next and double arcs and rams my flagship. These shots were obscured as I was on the base but he got ACMs twice and I used ECM to brace losing a hull and 3 full shields. My flagship sends Shara to take over where zombie Wedge had been and 3 more fighters have a go at the far flank shield of Aspiration where the EWS was not. Tallon got one of these a second shot later on. I shoot and dent a shield with MC80C front fire and the flank shot savages Garell’s honour at medium range. I then ram the MC75 repairing my hull from still being on the base. The hammerhead fails to get an accuracy while shooting a flotilla but rams one (or was it Yavaris?).

Turn 4: Aspiration's EWS was transferred to the far flank down shield facing the three fighters. Yavaris shoots the MC75 then FCTs the B-wing's back towards its 1 point front shield and we double tap with Flight Commander and a squad token from last turn’s comms net killing Aspiration. Garell’s Honour attempts to escape but long range flank fire from my flagship and an X-Wing and Dutch getting a strike at the same shield killed it.

Turn 5-6: Over the last turns I hunt down his Bright Hope but lose 2 more fighters to Flak and A-Wings getting a 10-1 victory.


Round Two v Rieekan.

3rd Place. 399/400 Precision Strike, Fighter Ambush, Superior Positions
AFIIB, Rieekan, Gallant Haven, Toryn Farr
Neb-Escort, Yavaris, FCTs, Flight Commander
GR75T, Tallon
GR75C, Comms Net
Dagger, Ten Numb, 2VCX, Luke, Dutch, Gold, Corran 134/134


This was like looking in a mirror. He had Tallon, Zombie Luke, Dutch & Gold, Better B-Wings and Gallant Haven, an extra flotilla, not to mention the ability to double tap Yavaris through 2xVCX Relay. If he triple taps Ten Numb my game could be over very quickly. Luckily I had a few advantages. I had Rieekan too and a bid one more point than his so grabbed first player and chose Fighter Ambush. Second I had Jan and he didn’t have any Intel so I may be able to lock down squadron blobs. I was wary of the infamous 2+3 championship Rieekan build but would have to play to my strengths rather than his.

Turn 1: I deployed fine in my “L” formation with Yavaris on the correct side as I could delay with pairs of squadrons in deployment while he couldn’t deploy his until the end (the main reason I hate this mission as second player). He had 2 flotillas in front of my formation with GH and Nebulon to my right and the Comms net flotilla further to my right than that. He chose not to put all his squadrons out on a limb near an obstacle as I could have flakked and Yavarised them and tipped the fighter game early. His squadrons were between GH and a Toryn flotilla. We all advance with me at speed 2 and him at about the same. I FCT fighters forwards and then a flotilla does a squadron command and gets his Corran Horn to dash forwards and snipe (4) Wedge for 2 damage after bracing and then Adar Talloned back to unactivated. He was then planning to bring in Yavaris to double tap again with him but couldn’t get close enough and the VCXs were back on the far side of the blob and too slow to come with Corran on his bold move. In the squadron phase my Wedge pinned Corran and Sharah who had been FCT’d once earlier in the turn rocketed up into the middle of his blob between GH and flotilla and engaged Ten Numb + Dagger + Dutch + Gold. I kept her out of range of Luke and the VCXs as I wanted her to survive. He saw what I had in mind and poured in fire from the 4 fighters removing the scatter & brace completely leaving her on one hull. My B-Wings then moved close to GH and ominous music must have filled his commander's mind…. His Luke hopped over Shara but was now engaged by her but at least he partially covered the front area of his GH flagship. Wedge was shot again by Corran and now on 1 hull.

Turn 2: I activate a flotilla to send Dutch to turn off Corran to keep Wedge alive. Also sent Jan to make Luke heavy and clear the bombing routes. My opponent delays with flotillas - shooting Jan with Luke and attacking Shara using flak to avoid more counter(3) (only half of the fighters Shara had pinned were in GH protection range). Shara goes Zombie. MC80 activates and gets my X-wing and Gold squadron to attack GH using Tallon on Gold and getting Wedge to 6 blue dice Corran to death with a little help from some flak. I double arc a flotilla at medium range for next turn. He delays again with flotillas. My Yavaris kicks in and FCTs B-Wings forwards and then double taps them against GH shredding all shields and doing about 2 hull. GH uses a squadron command on VCX’s as Shara is still pinning most units from beyond the grave. It moves 2 shields with a repair token and Flaks a lot then hops over my B-Wings and is now in the other side arc of the MC80. My Talloned Gold squadron gets a final shot on his Yavaris destroying a flank shield.

Turn 3: MC80 goes first and Wedge with only 1 hull left shoots GH in the flank and moves to take over Shara’s spot pinning all again and attracting all the fire with his escort rule. MC80 gets other fighters to attack GH and shoots it (obscured) with a medium range flank shot and also kills the BCC flotilla from the other flank battery.  My X-wing and Jan polish off Luke but my opponent keeps him zombie rather than the soon to be destroyed Gallant Haven. Both our Nebulons go at each other but I have a double tapping B-wing nearby. Jan dies to flak and GH goes down from the other B-Wing double tapping it's rear. Zombie Wedge is removed at the end of the turn.

Turn 4: My Gold squadron rather than double tapping shoots his Yavaris once and goes and sits in the same spot Shara and Wedge occupied - pinning all enemy fighters. Gold isn’t heavy and is unique so Rieekan can keep it in place. More B-Wings finish off his Yavaris and I think I killed another flotilla this turn. My Gold died from squad fire and flotilla flak.

Turn 5-6: I polish off one more fighter and his flotilla escapes. I killed 3 squadrons and 4 ships and had 10 bonus tokens from squadrons attacking ships. He killed about 80 points of squadrons mainly through flak resulting in a 10-1. If my opponent had had Intel I could have been in real trouble.


Round Three v Dodonna

392/400. Precision Strike, Fleet Ambush, Superior Positions
CT90A, Dodonna, Jiana's Light, TRCs
MC30T, Admonition, APTs, OE
Pelta Command, Phoenix Home, Vet Captain, Tallon, FCTs, Ex Hangar, All Fighters Follow Me
GR75T, Comms Net, Toryn Farr, Bright Hope
GR75T, BCC, Tano
Jan, 2 X-Wing, Farlander, 2 B-Wing 93/134


@Touston chose first player and Most Wanted (his Pelta and my Comms Net GR75).

I deployed centre right with my 'L' shape spread out to the left this time. He was in the far left corner from my point of view with the Pelta nearest me then Admonition and CR90 furthest out. Flotillas to the rear.

Turn 1: We circle a bit and I FCT fighters forwards onto the base. He lands on a flotilla with Jiana’s light but it didn’t affect the game.

Turn 2: His fighters are speed 4 with AFFM and he strikes my X-Wing and Wedge with his faster stuff but my Jan lends Braces and they survive. Yavaris retaliates double tapping X-wing and Wedge for 20 Dice killing the X-Wings. MC80 gets 2 damage on the Pelta and more squadrons either attack Jan or the Pelta. His ships take up position and shoot with flak.

Turn 3: We polish off the Pelta with double Tapping B-wings after Dutch finishes his Jan. Admonition gets shot by Gold squadron shedding a defence token and we start on the enemy B-Wings. Jiana's Light whacks my Neb in the flank and Admonition comes in to set up a double arc on it from the other side but is rather close to my MC80. I repair the 1 hull X-Wing on the base and bring Gold squadron back with Adar Tallon.

Turn 4: Admonition goes first slamming the Neb but failing to kill it with my double braces and one missed APT chance when using OE on 3 single black hits rerolling for 3 complete misses. Admonition runs for it but is still in Medium range of the rear part of my flagships side arc after it had overlapped my GR75. I activate Yavaris first though to get its tattered remains out of there placing the 2 point rear shield towards the TRC flank arc of his CR90. MC80 savages Admonition at medium range also attacking it with X-Wing and Shara and Talloning Gold Squadron to move over further. At the end of the turn Admonition has no tokens left, 2 hull and only a front shield. My Most wanted Comms net flotilla tries to escape but has been hurt by Jianna’s light and is double arced (flank & rear) now by the MC30. All this time Wedge, Jan and my B-Wings are fighting against Farlander and his B-wings eventually killing them for 2 losses.

Turn 5-6: Admonition fires and kills my objective flotilla and runs for it. I shoot Jianna’s light with the MC80 not doing enough but I can use Boosted Comms to squadron against Admonition’s rear. X-Wing is too far away, Shara attempts it but fails. Gold squadron just reaches but only does one damage. Tense. I then Tallon Gold and wait. My BCC flotilla deliberately rams my flagship to keep it from advancing further so maintaining range 5 of Gold squadron (way to its rear). In the squadron phase Gold squadron rolls 2 hits not needing BCC and Admonition dies. With the double points from each of our objective ships and all the dead squadrons it was a 9-2 win.


Edited by Mad Cat
Link to lists & results fixed

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Still annoyed I rerolled 3 black singles to 3 black blanks! I was fishing for those APTs.

Still glad I did better then your other opponents that day. If Admonition survived and Yavaris bit it, it could have been even closer.

Next time, hopefully I'll win!

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Congrats madcat! I’m guessing that was 1st place?

I know how horrible that bomber ball is from our last round game at the Liverpool Regional. :-)

Interesting that there were a lot of fighter heavy Rebels at this Regional. In London the dominant meta was double ISD squadronless with BTAvenger. I think your fleet would be a good counter. But the bombers take a lot of precision to use well.

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