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Gag Reel events

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I figured id throw my groups 10 cents in :P and open this thread up with a scenario and unique item ( or two ) for hilarity sake that my group actually had happen....

Modified Baneblade trials and Cat-people ( the ones Lodge blackmans supplement provided ) In an effort to determine the true combat potential of cat people they were given a myriad of combat gear and vehicles to see how they fared.....Not as well as hoped but still humorous.    After a morning of intensive combat drills in the Baneblade the all cat crew was given a break....one of the "Toms" decided that he was going to mark his territory ( again ) but the tech-priest had other ideas as he hated having to clean the mess off the sacred machines skirting....so he had attached a lead wire from a supplemental battery to the skirt plate the cat seems to prefer....lo and behold the cat was heard saying that " This is mAAIIIIOOOWWWWW!! *bzzz-pop!* followed by a *thud* sound....The rest of the crew moved around to the other side of the tank where the cat was laying twitching and slightly singed with a smell of ozone and burnt cat-hair. The tech-priest made an odd disconcerting sound the crew found was laughter from the tech priest.

Week 4...personal melee combat trials...

Early in the morning the trials were going very well. The cats showing better than average aptitude for hand to hand skills and dexterity. One of the sideline personnel ( later found to be a slaaneshi cultist with a warped sense of humor ) tossed an odd ball of twine into the middle of the trial arena where two squads of catpeople were conducting team drills...The innocuous looking ball then exploded into a cloud of string and fine mist which instantly had over half of the trainees rolling over and reaching for invisible things and ...purring....the substance was later analyzed and found to be commonly found yarn and high potency catnip ) Needless to say the trials for the rest of that day were scrapped while the effects to the affected trainees wore off.

OK...Who's next for their gag reels for the PCs that decided to take things WAY off into left field??? Anyone brave enough?

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