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INVADER LEAGUE: Star Wars Legion Launch Tournament

Load your weapons and strap on your amour, the uprising has begun! After the Battle of Scarif, the growing insurgency has become a full blown Rebellion. Will you join the revolution? Or will you crush the Rebellion?

Invader League is an online Tabletop Simulator tournament celebrating the launch of Star Wars Legion. Join in our online community and wage war in the iconic battlefields such as Tatooine, Hoth and Endor for Prizes and Glory!

4 rounds in "Round Robin" style over 4 weeks, followed by a single elimination bracket.

-Round Robin: 800pts, 3ft x 6ft pre-generated, pre-assigned battlefield Normal Deployment, Conditions and Objective selections.
-Single Elimination: 800pts 3ft x 6ft battlefield, Maps using competitive terrain placement rules Normal Deployment, Conditions and Objective selections.

1st: $50 www.imperialterrain.com voucher, Choice of 1x T-47 Airspeeder or AT-ST.
2nd: $25 www.imperialterrain.com voucher, Choice of 1x AT-RT or 74-Z Speeder Bikes
3rd and 4th: Choice of 1x Stormtroopers or Rebel Troopers

Additional Prizes: Publish your own battle reports and best series wins a $50 Miniature Market Voucher!
Join our Online Discord Community to enter our Lucky Draw for $25 Miniature Market Voucher!

Sign up deadline: 6 April 2018
Round Robin Start: 9 April 2018
Single Eliminations: 14 May 2018
Results: 11 June 2018

Sign up link: http://tiny.cc/invaderleague 

Invader League is in no way affiliated with, authorised, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent, unofficial fan-made tournament.

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4 minutes ago, buckero0 said:

How do i play? Do I download the simulator and practice first?

You can follow the link http://tiny.cc/invaderleague and theres a page which walks you through all the steps you need to get a game up and running. It shows u where to find the players and and how to use the mod too!

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@tieren you are amazing dude, the effort youve out into this is fantastic!

I would sign up in a heartbeat if I wasnt unsure I would get the games in so question to you is how you handle if a player cant get all games in?

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Hahah thanks man! It’s all for the love of the game and community!

players have 4 weeks to get 4 games in and they can be played in any order at anytime. Players have to schedule themselves with their paired opponents. If they can’t schedule a game at all with their paired opponents in 4 weeks, then we’ll try and find another player from another bracket. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll play a judge. If that still is impossible then that’ll be a match loss!


we’ll try our hardest to help you get 4 games in!

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Trying to get comfortable with TTS before joining league and keep running into issues.  Now these issues may be due to the fact that I am trying to run it off of a Mac and may need to try my PC laptop and see if I still have the same issues.  On my Mac Pro, I got everything installed and was playing a hot seat game to learn the rules and how everything works and notice that a lot of the movement templates don't work and keep getting errors.  I then thought I'd try it out on my MacBook Pro which has a newer operating system and I didn't get far enough to see if the movement templates worked.  As soon as I selected my first movement template everything that wasn't locked down just started moving.  At some point I may try it on my PC but so far I find it a bit too frustrating.  I think I'd prefer to learn the rules with the real game and then try it out on TTS.  It seems well done but it just isn't working on my end well enough for me to want to keep playing.

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