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Ignoring Play Restrictions

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Page 21 of the RRG has the definition of Play Restriction:




Play restrictions sometimes appear on a card and are marked
by the word “only.” A player cannot play the card unless the
play restriction is met.

Upgrade cards sometimes say “(Color) character only”. If a
player does not have a character of that color to attach the
upgrade to, the upgrade cannot be played.

••Upgrades do not get removed from a character if the play
restriction is no longer fulfilled. The character must only
fulfill the play restriction when the card is first played.


A card's unique status is not a play restriction.  It does not appear in the text ability box.  Uniqueness is covered on page 3 of the RRG, and has its own set of rules.

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It also lets you use cards like Crafted Lighsaber on him too, IIRC. I think that and the other suite of sabers should be pretty cool.

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