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I've decided to go more for vlog than blog when it comes to sharing thoughts, ideas and game play. Though you can find my YouTube Channel on my profile, I thought I'd share the Introduction video (complete with a photo of my Genesys rulebook and dice).


Coming up for Genesys:

Hollywood Genesys

Armed with a collection of fun DVDs that I feel suit the idea of being roleplayed, I'll be talking about how I plan to go about that. Including what will happen if the players, through no fault of their own - it's just the way the dice fall - go off-script. Also what sort of characters players can create for the specific settings.

Genesys: Pacific Rim

While it will be fun to play as Jaeger pilots, and it is certainly something I'm going to attempt at some point, this is actually more of a survival game. Characters find themselves in a city being attacked by the Kaiju and need to survive, find loved ones and generally try not to get dead. I'm hoping this will combine with the Pacific Rim Extinction board game (currently on Kickstarter), and I'll be sharing how I plan on combining the board game action with a session of roleplaying.


There will be other videos, but those are the first two I'm going to make on the topic of Genesys.



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