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Building a Noob collection

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Hi guys. I'm new to LOTR LCG and my 1st purchase contained the Core, Khazad-dûm, and Return to Mirkwood. 

I skipped over the Escape, and Return to Mirkwood. 

Since I started playing KD, I have purchased Massing at O and Journey to R.  Been trying to find the rest but its proving quite hard. One seller, at a certain Geeky Bazaar is even goign so far as to ask 100USD plus shipping for a chance to hunt for Gollum. 

Not sure what to do. 



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You can generally jump around without too much trouble. Lost Realm and Heirs of Numenor are both pretty hard with a smaller card pool but every other cycle should be pretty reasonable. 

FFG does seem to be reprinting things pretty regularly still, hopefully it will all be back in stock eventually. 

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