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5 minutes ago, Kdubb said:

Didn’t they already have their bit? That’s when the new Destiny set was announced I thought.

Looks like that came up during the Azmodee North America presentation. Fantasy Flight has their own separate presentation tonight at 6PM Pacific.

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1 hour ago, DailyRich said:

They were awfully cagey about answering whether any of the Star Wars games would have Old Republic figures.

I think they mentioned the reason for that when showing the AT-RT - 'It's from the Clone Wars, but the Rebels have some that they use, so basically Disney allowed us to bring this to the game the same way we got the ARC-170 into X-Wing'

Does make it sounds like Disney is relatively insistent on not revisiting the Clone Wars period beyond passing references, or technology and hardware re-used by the Civil War-period factions.

EDIT: Actually, listening to that recording, I disagree with the quote above.  Question was 'are you planning, for any of your Star Wars products, any products for the old Republic?' and the response was more of a 'Oh, hmmmmmm ^_^' sort of thing.  IE., reading the facial queues, more of a 'yes, definitely, we just can't say anything right now'.

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