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My day at a uk regional

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My day at a uk regional. 103 players. My list:
Qd vi fcs adv optics, LWF title harpoon, 40pts
Oicunn expertise countermeasures Palp and kylo 60pts
Hann solo, wolfwarro
Was a close game, tried to blinded pilot solo and he use Chewbacca crew to discard it after qd fired hos harpoon into him. then the following round tried again and the card had been the blinded from the harpoon face down which triggered when oicunn fired the previous round.
Killed solo and had lost qd, the damaged deci and the Wookie fought it out until I had 3 hull and the Wookie 1. I went over a rock for a bump to finish him off but missed it by 3mm max. He banked got a r1 shot and won.
Loss 58~100

Lowhhrick, wolfwarro Ezra
Stress abounded as he had tactician on wolf and Ezra stressor. This limited oicunn but I got the deci behind him and bumped Ezra 3 times and finished him off, qd had done serious damage to lowhhrick in this time but the deci was finished off the next round, qd killed lowhhrick and took the shields off wolf but perished.
Loss 59~100

Ketsu Asajj
They set up opposite the deci, I had qd in the center. Straight hoisted, got a blinded pilot through in the first engagement, both his ships the bumped oicunn, so the following round I got to take a shield from both with a bump. Things went well from here, the deci had done his job and run away while qd did some serious damage. Oicunn ended with 3 hull and qd may have been full health.
Win 100~30

Rey lowhhrick
Struggling to remember this one. I sure it involved some blinded pilots, killing lowhhrick as quick as poss.
Win 100~30

Rey norra
Got my blinded pilots through and a damaged cockpit onto Rey. For the finale I flew qd over a rockrock to get r1 of Rey already had TL and focus, lost a shield for the rock so had 2 R1 shots into Rey which just failed to kill him, but oicunn was also R1 and did the job before he put a nasty shot into oicunn.
Win 100~30

Vessery, ryad, nu
I played this guy at another regional 2 months ago and was happy to play him again, he was good fun and a pleasure to play against. The match was going to be interesting, ptl on ryad, expertise on vessery both with x7. The Nu had mangler and linked battery. I got the blinded on ryad straight away and got it triggered with a harpoon. Oicunn had used his countermeasures to shed ryad lock and stop vessery getting his rerolls. There was a good opportunity to turn Into ryad with oicunn and do a damage but thought it was obvious so swung the other way and put another blinded on ryad, he had no shots this round as he expected the bump. Qd got a R1 shot I to ryad, triggered the harpoon and killed her, vessery and the Nu were also R1 so lost a shield, from the shield qd put a R1 shot I to the Nu but missed. After a couple rounds the Nu died and oicunn took some damage before running to safety, there was quite a bit of ducking and weaving with qd and vessery before oicunn swooped around, pulled a block and qd finished the job.
Win 100~30

Came 24th with an mov of 739. The 16th spot was also 4~2 with an mov of 775. So not far off.
Was good fun, nice atmosphere and ran to good time.
Then they did a side event with a selection of old kit prizes.
20 players my list
3 cutlass punishers
1 with unguided rockets, LWF, bomblet generator, trajectory simulator 29pts
2 with unguided rockets, LWF, thermal detonator, cluster mines, extra munitions. 35pts each.

Ketsu bosk
I set up in one corner, asajj opposite and ketsu far corner. I rushed forward and boosted while bossk slowly move forward. Ketsu sped around.
First engagement with 2 thermals, a bomblet and 3 punishers firing bossk lost all shields, I lost a couple shields in return but ketsu was out of range. Another wave of bombs onto bossk, my punisher on the inner side turned in over a rock to block ketsu and got it. The other 2 punishers killed bossk. Tried to bank and drop clusters in front of ketsu but just nipped some debris. 2 ships fired into ketsu and took a shot in return, pulled a round with the one and blocked ketsu while the other 2 kept on target, ketsu had no shot that round, ketsu tried the hard turn but the previous block had left her facing the edge at an awkward angle and she couldn't make the turn with the back corner just off the board by 10mm or so.
Win 100~0

Rexlar brath in defender, Cath scarlet
I set up in one corner, rex diagonally opposite, Kath in the centre. Both his rush forward as do mine with my centre ship banking a boost and the one on the board edge boosting straight. Next round my centre ship goes straight 2 while the others right turn 3, he goes straight again, I get 1 or 2 shots on Kath and take a couple shields. Next round I get Kath with a thermal all ships now get to fire as he has turned in. My one punisher takes the heat from rex ion cannon, a primary at R3 and R1 from Kath. Kath takes some pain as well including all shields and 1 crit which was all damage face up. Then I pulled a bank dropping a set of clusters on Kath, 3 damage straight up, ps0 reduced agility and reduced weapons. The bomblet also got Kath doing another. She was no problem after this and was finished off a couple rounds later after she was back in range. Rex killed the defender after a couple rounds. And came after the others as they end Kath. I had one top right facing down, he swooped up towards him for the joust while my other had circled around behind the defender. He ioned me a couple rounds running and took damage in return, he ended up with 1 hull and a crit where you take damage if you bump, I blocked and game ends.
Win 100~35

Ketsu Asajj
Same guy I faced in Swiss, it was 11pm when we started this game. He set up opposite for a joust, this was not good for him. 2 thermals and a bomblet hit both ships. A volley of fire on asajj left him limping on ps0. Another volley of bombs as he tried to bank out of the joust but bumped, I only got 1 shot that round with him bumping me. He was running across the centre from right to left as I swung around and turned, my ships were out of formation and 1 was on 2 hull but far from his ships. I get a couple shots on ketsu in the chase. Then we start to converge on the left of the mat, all 3 of my ships should get shots this round, ketsu has 2 hull, asajj 3. Asajj lands on a rock and takes a direct hit. He gives in to the lateness of the night and conceded.
Win 100~0

That was the end ofThe tournament, I won woop woop. Prizes included:
Double sided Vader Luke card
Ig88c card
Predator and VI
3 ion tokens
3 stress tokens
2 vinyl blue prints, x wing and tie adv

Was a great day had lots of fun.

Well done all around

Edited by Storgar

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Ok been in touch with the event organiser.

after dusting the cobwebs from my memory, the first game was only 29mins.  They had not handed out slips to write scores on by this point.  My opponent went up to the desk where he was given a slip to fill in and did so at the desk, the organiser keeps the slips for a month in case of problems and they sent me a picture of it where it clearly shows 100-0.  So sadly it appears this was not even just a case of computer input error but someone filling it a slip and giving themselves a 100-0 victory when they didn’t get one.

i checked and am glad to say he didn’t make the cut.  

I will certainly be more careful with things like this in the future.


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1 hour ago, Gilarius said:

Shocking behaviour! I hope he gets asked pointed questions and other TOs get passed his name to watch out for this sort of thing.

Yeah this kinds of things don’t help the community at all

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1 hour ago, FixB said:

I don't know the player who wrote on the slip but it seems harsh to directly assume it was made on purpose and not an honest mistake...

I think most of know when we've won 100-0 rather than winning whilst losing over half of our points...

However, it's why I said 'ask pointed questions' rather than immediately DQ or other sanction. And an honest mistake of that nature still needs other TOs to know his name and ensure more mistakes don't happen. No public shaming though! Not without definite knowledge of deliberate cheating.

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On ‎16‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 5:06 PM, Storgar said:

Was just checking the results on list juggler and noticed they had put my first match in as a 100-0 loss instead of 100-58.

checked my mov and it should have been 797 which would have put me in 15th Place.  I should have made the cut :(

That's disappointing to hear.  Unfortunately the organisers have to rely on the honesty of the players involved.  In hindsight it would have been best to check yourself (especially as with such a short game you had ample time to do so), but how were you to know your opponent would make this mistake.

Although it puts you total points to the level of where you would have made the cut, as this was your first game in the event I don't think you can definitively say you would have done so.  With a different MoV after the fist game you would have faced a different opponent in round 2, and probably every round after that, so it's unlikely you would have finished the day with the same MoV.

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