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Alternate Psyker Rules

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My group and i came up with these over the last few years of play. While sometimes it can help make certain psy abilities much much safer...at times it can be even more dangerous ( insidiously so ) by having the potential in these rules of gaining Corruption points..BUT...CP's gained CAN be removed with the proper time, XP, and skills.  Thoughts?

Alternate Psyker Rules

1.) Manifestation of ability.

     If the PC's WP bonus is equal to or greater than the Threshold number then the power automatically manifests without a roll needed.

(NOTE: This mitigates the usual perils check for each manifestation)

2.) Phenomenon and Perils checks.

Phenomemon and Perils checks are not automatic with each ability use. Minor Abilities will not cause phenomenon unless the PC actually has to roll to manifest them ( insufficient WP for safe manifestation)

(NOTE: If in an area of warp instability then the phenomenon will occur )

Major Abilities will cause a Phenomenon to occur only when a "9" is rolled. ( Whether this is a random roll each time or a one time roll to determine a "unique" event that occurs each time a major ability is used is up to the GM )

Certain Talents/Skills can mitigate one or more "9's" on manifest checks ( thereby mitigating the perils checks themselves at times )

Each time a "9" is rolled on a manifestation check the PC must make a WP test or gain 1 Corruption Point (CP) per "9" rolled. If more than one "9" is rolled then there is a cummulative -10 penalty to the WP test to avoid Corruption Points. ( This represents the PC's lack of focus for whatever reason at the point in time that they are trying to manifest the ability allowing the warp energies to "bleed out" through their bodies )

(NOTE: A successful Focusing test at the beginning of the round will mitigate the first "9" rolled on each check of a given round )

For every 20 Corruption Points gained there will be a WP test to avoid instant possession by a Daemon. ( Unbound daemonhost )

For every 20 CP's gained there is a cummulative penalty to the WP test as follows.

CP total  /  WP penalty

     20            -10
     40            -20
     60            -30
     80            -40

Corruption Points gained through psyker ablities:
      Can be removed at the rate/cost of 100XP per 1CP. This forfeiture of XP is taken as time spent in ritual purification and devotional time spent in seclusion/meditation.

(NOTE: A medicae can treat the physical mutation effects..eg..removing a mutated limb and replacing it but not lower the CP total. Medicae's treat the physical NOT the spiritual corruption. To treat the CP total itself the PC MUST have the Meditation ability/skill. )

While it only takes a moments laxity to gain Corruption Points through warp use it takes much longer to remove them. PC's can remove CP's at the following rate.

CP total  /  Time/Cost to remove

       1             1 day   / 100XP
       2             2 days /  200XP
       3             3 days /  300XP
    etc...                 etc....

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