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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 31-40)

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31. Do you think the Pit Things supposedly acidic spit or infectious wounds should be represented in some manner? Like giving the attacks Toxic, or just leave the block as is and keep that sort of thing narrative?

Or is it represented by the Pen 3 yet still having Primitive?
———— > If you want to make them nastier, sure. An infection that comes up later on when a wound isn’t properly tended to would make sense. 

32. The Gloomhaunt has a movement based on AB 2, but it is Size (Puny) meaning it should be based on AB 0. Leave as is?
———— > Yes

33. Would Paranoia trigger for avoiding a possible Death From Above from a Gloomhaunt?
———— > I could see that, sure!

34. Will Gloomhaunts even bother with individuals that are wearing enclosed helmets, or are they not intelligent enough to tell the difference?
———— > The latter I’d guess, unless the helmet is very oddly shaped. 

35. The Maw-Fluke has a movement based off an AB of 3, which would be fine since it has an AB of 5 and Crawler. However it is also Size (Scrawny) which should make it's base AB 4 and further movement from Crawler based on AB 2. Opinions?
————— > The statline is fine as is, but you as the GM is free to adjust as desired when you use it. 

36. Concerning Lyra Morll's recount of dealing with maw-flukes, is the written on commentary to be attributed to her as well? 
———— > You mean the parchment paper the account is placed on? That’s from Gelt.

Also as a side note I do think it's really cool how now that I've a few of these journal entries down that I can see a narrative forming through certain lines.

37. The Sinophian Boreworm has a movement based on an AB 2 which is fine as AB 4 and having the Crawler trait. However it also is Size (Puny) which would make its base AB 2 for movement and then AB 1 after factoring for Crawler. Opinions?
————> See #35

38. Under "Burrowing Teeth" it states that the Boreworm can easily burrow through Primitive AP of 2 or less, but what about greater armor point values or more advanced armour in relation to how it attacks/time to begin getting in to flesh?
———— > Maybe it goes through 1 pt of armor every round? Something the GM can play around with. 

39. Concerning "Independent Segments" does it take one hour to remove all boreworm segments, or one hour per boreworm segment?
————— > Once it starts creating new worms, it’s one hour per worm. 

40. Is it Sinophian Boreworm or Sinophian Bore Worm? The core rulebook example for fear and profile state "Bore Worm" but the entry heading and exampel text is “Boreworm”
———— > I’d go with the text here.

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