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Elder Thing

Antediluvium Mysteries

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I've just started playing my first game against Antediluvium. The wording on some of the mysteries seems a bit unclear. Whereas the mysteries for every other Ancient One I've played against make it clear where a specific Investigator carries out an action or the group as a whole, the ones I've seen for Antidiluvium just refer to 'you'. Whereas in some cases the 'you' being referred to is clear (e.g. only one Investigator could place a clue from a Research Encounter on the mystery at any given time), on others, I'm not so sure. The first one I've drawn is 'Dread Countenance'. This refers to 'you' needing to gain the Grotesque Statue Artefact, and then, in order to solve the mystery, 'you' discarding the Artefact, clues x number of investigators, and 2 spells. Is this use of 'you' referring to a single investigator, who is required to assemble all of the required elements, or all the Investigators as a group? And whichever is the answer, is this a general principle that applies to all the Mysteries?

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Posted on BGG but adding here for the benefit of the local forumites:

Having checked both Antediluvium's Mysteries and Nyarlathotep's Adventure cards, it looks as if this expansion uses 'you' whenever it refers to a single investigator (rather than the more usual 'an investigator').

Reasoning: Occasionally the Mysteries/Adventures refer to 'investigators as a group'. This distinction suggests that every use of 'you' only means one investigator. I didn't see any cards that used 'you' to refer to a group.

So in the example above, yes, a single investigator would need to assemble all the required elements (although they wouldn't necessarily be the same investigator who gained the Artifact in the first place--they might have traded it, or it might have been callously looted from their dead body, etc.)

I have no idea why the standard boilerplate language has suddenly changed.

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