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Does anyone know about 6mm ground forces

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Onslaught miniatures makes some that would work ok. 


his otc line has some that would work pretty well for rebel troopers (from the tantive) and the ppf enfourcers would make adequate storm troopers. 

There is also vanguard miniatures in the UK. He also sells onslaughts stuff and has his own range, defeat in detail


Bizarrely, the novan regular DESERT infantry probably make better Hoth troopers than the WINTER infantry


those two are probably the premiere 6mm manufacturers right now, but there are others


keep in mind when judging these, 6mm is very small. In the normal course things, a lot of the detail on a figure that size won’t be noticeable, so figures that would never work at 30mm scale are just fine at 6mm

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7 hours ago, Forgottenlore said:

X-wing ships are 1/270 scale. 6mm is 1/285 (or 1/300 depending on region) scale. 10mm is 1/180 scale. 


Maybe so, but I have plenty of Onslaught and 40k Epic minis and they are noticeably too small (though they do have stubby proportions). I don’t have any 10mm minis left to take comparison shots unfortunately but think the ideal would be 8mm minis, but they’re not something I’ve ever dealt with!

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