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A Funny Thing Happened

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So I have to say that a funny thing happened in my excitement for Legion (i preordered the base box and 1 of everything else so far)... my Love for Runewars was rekindled.  My original fervor died down during the late fall and winter after being beyond excited for the Runewars release a year ago and having a blast painting base boxes, getting the first expansions table-top ready, and playing a lot over the summer.  I went to Pax Unplugged ready to play and there was nothing.  No Runewars; no Legion either.  It really bummed me out and set me back some.

Then Legion really started exploding.  I started getting hyped up for it.  I was reading about the previews, speculating on army builds, watching @Sorastro's amazing painting vids and obviously, I dropped my preorder(s) into to FLGS (btw, yes, I realize I can get things cheaper online, but I'd rather support local commerce)  Recently, I went back and started going through my armies and tried to reorganize my Latari elves... After months of "who-freaking-knows-why-it-takes-so-long" my BattleFoam 352 Pack case serendipitously arrived.  I painted up a few units that I hadn't yet, added some new terrain to my bag and yearned to figure out how to actually make 3D terrain, and then... i went out and bought some extra Scions at my FLGS... and painted them... and added their cards to my collection... and then finally actually played again.  And invited another friend to hang out and play.

Somewhere in there, I remember how great those miniatures are and how much I enjoyed the setting.  I got really excited to play again.  Man, I love this game.  Its fun, its fast, the army creation and tray system is great.  It's not a Warhammer killer the way Legion is and I actually really like it for that.  It's far easier with all the fun of the xwing dial system (FWIW I hate that whole extra command card stuff from the Runewars iOS game and Legion - that to me just bogs the game down).  Sometimes you feel like being in a galaxy far, far away and other times you want a freaking great fantasy miniatures game (in a world that's really run thin on them otherwise).  It's awesome to get both.

I'm at it full tilt again, painting up a few expansions to add to my armies, and I finally ordered up Uthuk base box.  Go Runewars.  I'm excited about the next year of this game.  Figured I'd share.

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Thanks, DarkJawa103.  Looking forward to seeing the Uthuk guys get off the printer so I can have 4 full factions to bring to the table.  Definitely, need to clear the initial Legion push first.  

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