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Dark Age Character Sheet

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Wow. You are right about the levels of ink needed to print off this bad boy. But I do like how you kept it to one sheet.

The only issues I really have with it are personal ones (never been a fan of gradients), other than the fact you misspelled Presence.

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Some constructive (I hope) visual design feedback:

  • You are using abbreviations for each of the Characteristics, maybe left align the full Characteristics next to their scores and highlight the abbreviations as substrings of the full words in either a mid-tone purple or yellow/gold.
  • The space for talents is both too large and too small: it takes up a large, central spot on the page but doesn't have room for even a summary of intricate talents.
  • Defense isn't divided into Ranged and Melee. Is this intentional or an oversight?
  • There is nowhere on the front page for critical injuries, but these hindering effects are important and semi-permanent.
  • Maybe put the combat skills at the bottom of the sheet, so they're next to the section about weapons? (leaving a gap between combat skills and all other skills)
  • Talents (especially given the pyramidal nature of progression) and equipment probably deserve their own page.

Overall, I do like it a lot. Those are just my immediate thoughts.

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