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Bayushi Honzo

Lioness Legion,Max Movement/Round (4ed)

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I don't quite know where to put 4ed questions, a couple folks suggested to put them here.

My question is, can the Lioness Legion tech (Charge of the Pride) circumvent the normal maximum movement per Round? (Water Ring x20).

Here's the tech in question:

 "When in the Full Attack Stance, any movement you make during the course of the Round gains an additional 5 feet (this benefit is only gained once per Round). Additionally, as a Complex Move Action, you may move your Water Ring x25 feet."

For example, in a Round (if you do nothing but move):

1. The Matsu Rank one tech allows you to move + 5 ft per Round while in Full Attack Stance.

2. Lioness Legion (Charge of the Pride) allows you to move + 5 ft per Round while in Full Attack Stance.

3. Full Attack allows you to move +5 ft per Round.

Lets say my Water Ring is 3.

4. As a Free Action I can move 15 ft per Round (once per Round).

5. As a Complex Action using the Lioness Legion (Charge of the Pride)  I can move 75 ft per Round (Water 3 x25).

Now, I'm moving 105 ft! (But to me seems right, it's only movement afterall).

My normal maximum movement per Round is 60 ft (Water 3 x20).  

My thinking is, yes you can, otherwise, the tech seems quite useless (unless I'm missing something), because I could use two Simple Actions/Round to move 60 ft (which is my max).

Am I failing to understand something correctly?


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