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What would you like to see in the future

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so many good idea's. a campaign book along the following lines,

example: Battle of Endor

Legion scenario: Battle of the Shield generator

Imperial Assault scenario's: Destroy the Generator controls, Battle in the Throne room.

X wing: Ground support, Fleet support

Armada: Assault on DS2, Fleet Action at Endor


Clone Wars Era Please.


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I would love to see a Galactic conquest app. Where you see the Galaxy map and where you can track the turns, progress etc. All the unecessary steps that take time and so on.

But the battles etc are played manually. You could also save the progress and pick it up easily or even play different campains with different groups.

That would be really cool!

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I feel it is reasonable to ask for stations and terrain in the game. Things that could be utilized for both the Empire and the Rebels, similar to how FFG is doing it for Legion. I'd love to see Faos Station (pictured below) from Star Wars Rebels, as that was a civilian station and be the centerpiece to some battles in Armada. I am not sure if the Executor will be in the game or not for epic play, but I'd also suggest that the Shield Gate from Rogue one would be a nice addition as well, albeit Imperial.

U-Wings I can see added as Irregular Squadrons for Rebels, and a unique version with either K-2SO or Cassion Andor at the helm, as well the ST-149 Shuttle for the Imperials, which would be a way to add Director Krennec to the game. I'd still be interested in seeing Emperor Palpatine make an appearance, but I wouldn't be sure where to add him personally.

I'd like to see Death Troopers as a boarding party, and the Zeta-Class cargo shuttle make an appearance at some point. They could "carry" Kyber Crystals and deal a wide array of damage if destroyed. Anything that could make them useful I suppose, as with everything I am suggesting.

Venator-Class Star Destroyers, as everyone suggests, possibly with some V-Wing Squadrons. Perhaps the IGV-55 Surveillance Vessels, also seen in Rebels. 

Blue Squadron and General Antoc Merrick as the unique version from Rogue One, and the TIE Advanced v1 also from Rebels with a unique Grand Inquisitor, would also be neat. Ezra Bridger flying the Nightbrother, a Rebel version of the Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter (Kom'rk-class), etc. Iden Versio from Battlefront 2 can make an appearance too either as a boarding party or unique TIE Fighter, with her father as a commander. Also, what about Naboo Starfighter Squadrons from Shattered Empire, with Princess Leia at the helm of a unique pilot?


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A way to put fleet commands on some/all Mon Cal cruiser variants, so I can ditch the Pelta.  Doesn't have to be a title like Chimaera.

I'll also add votes for the Assault Frigate Mk.I, DP20 gunship, Dreadnaught cruiser, and a rebel Quasar title.

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Want to see more campaigns like "The Corellian Conflict". And why no space station models? Destroying imperial installations like refueling depots and space defense plattforms are great legit targets for the rebellion while the imperials must defend them. I think, ffg should spend the rebellion some more iconic capital ships. Unlike the empire, the rebels have a ragtag fleet of many different ships and i miss the diversity.

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On 8.3.2018 at 5:48 PM, stonestokes said:

I definitely want to see more campaigns / scenarios.

I want at least one more Medium ship for Rebels, and probably another Large for Imperials — maybe an MC-40 Light Cruiser or Assault Frigate Mk I for Rebels; not too sure about the Large for Imperials.

There are particular squadrons that I would love to see:


  • U-Wings (with Assault, and either Strategic or Relay)
  • K-Wings (with Bomber and SLAM)
  • ARC-170s (with Bomber)


  • Xg-1 Assault Gunboats (with Bomber and SLAM)
  • TIE Punishers (with Bomber)

Edit: I also really want to see a Phoenix Nest title for the Quasar that allows it to be used in Rebel fleets (even if it was a 10-point title), and a similar title for Nebulon-B's to make them available for Imperial fleets (they were built by Kuat Drive Yards after all).

I dislike the idea of SLAM (found it was wrong in X-Wing and has no place in the more strategic Armada).

I still would like to see:

Wave 8(Baby carriers and their body guard):


- Ton-Falk-class escort carrier

- Lancer Frigate


- Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser

- Mc20


Wave 9 (Hit and run):


- Strike cruiser

- Imperial Fighter part III (Xg-1, TIE-Avenger, TIE-Defender, TIE-Phantom, TIE-Heavy Bomber, Imperial Recon: TIE Scout, TIE Vanguard)


- Mc40

Scum (Rebels, Pirates and others):

- Fighterpack (Z-95, T-Wing, R-41 Starchasers, Rebel Recon: Y-Wing Longprobe, Recon A-Wing)


Wave 10 (Its still a civil war afterall):


- Nebulon B2 and Imperial Nebulon-B

- System Patrol Craft


- Assualt frigate Mk.Ia

- Assualt frigate Mk.Ib

- CC 7700 frigate

Both sides

- Dreadnought

- Transport and shuttles (Lambda Shuttle,Delta-class JV-7 Escort shuttles, Delta-class DX-9 Stromtrooper transport,Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault transport, Beta-class ETR-3 Assault transport)


Wave 11 (patrols and raiders)


- Carrack Cruiser

- Tartan Cruiser


- DP20 Correllian Gunship

- Marauder

- Braha'tok-class gunship


Wave 12 (Narravtie for the win):

Freighters, minefields and stations

The Kessel Campaing Set


Wave 13 (Rebellion no longer):

New Republic:


- Republic Star Destroyers

- Dauntless Cruiser


Wave 12 (Back to Civil War):




-Recusant-class light destroyer

-Droid Fighter packs


Both Sides/ Old Republic:

- Venator Class

- Acclamator class

- Old Republic Fighters (Arc, Jedi-Fighter, V-Wing)

Wave 13+ (Anybody keen on more Civil war?):

First order
Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

TIE/fo and TIE/sf and other until then appeared First order fighters

MC85 Star Cruiser

Nebulon-C escort frigate / Nebulon-K

Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster

Vakbeor-class cargo frigate

Republic/Resistance Carrack Cruiser
T-70 X-Wing, T-85 X-Wing, B-Wing Mk. II, MG-100 StarFortress SF-17, RZ-2 A-Wing


Wave X (The stories of the others)

Lesser Factions:



Wave Y (Real Scum)


Criminal Factions:

Hutt and Blacksun ships (destroyer size max.)


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An app to track campaign progress which can be accessed online by all the players in that campaign.

Alt art MC30s

Alt art ship titles

(I'm not actually good enough to win these yet but hopefully there will be someone willing to trade when they exist)

More dice added to the core set because who hasn't had to buy a spare pack of these?

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