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Star Wars: Legion - A full How to Play video series by Watch It Played

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I like "my name is Rodney Smith." Dude, we all know you. 

I watched the one on rules (How to Play?) and it was tremendous. I can't believe how packed it is with every little thing. I literally will watch it ten times over the next couple months until I become fully facile with the rules.

Thanks for your great effort and thoroughness on these.

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4 hours ago, dukncuver said:

You mention that melee does not add suppression.  I am having trouble finding that in the rules.  Can anyone point that out to me?

In the learn to play under supression 

“after a ranged attack...”

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9 hours ago, dukncuver said:

Only in the learn to play?  Several times in the RR it just says after an attack.

The video is technically more accurate than the printed material at this point.  I work with the publishers of the games, and they address questions and add points of clarification, that I then include in my videos.

It doesn't mean things won't sometimes get missed, but I just say that to add some credence to why the video says melee doesn't add suppression, even if the rule books isn't as definitively worded.


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Is this new or did I miss it, because it seems pretty big: 

"The abilities of weapon keywords apply to all of the dice that share its attack pool, not just the dice from that specific weapon."

EDIT: Yup, it's in the RRG. 

Each weapon that contributes dice to an attack pool also
applies its keywords to that attack pool.

» If a weapon has a keyword that allows a player to modify
one or more dice in the attack pool, the player can use
that effect to modify any dice in the attack pool, not just
the dice that this weapon contributed.

» If a weapon has a keyword that changes how the results
of the attack roll affects the defender, the entire attack
roll affects the defender in that way, not just dice that the
weapon that has that keyword contributed.

For example, if a weapon that has the blast keyword
contributed dice to an attack pool, the results from all the
dice in that attack pool ignore the defender’s cover


This would be limited to Range 1 attacks in this case I believe, but still that means that 6 Rebel Troopers attacking would ignore enemy cover entirely.


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