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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 21-30)

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21. The Phyrr Cat has an AB of 5, and the Quadruped trait which should double it to 10. In fact it seems to show this in its movement being based on AB 10. However it is stated to have an ab of 6 for some reason as well.

The question is do you know where the 6 should be coming from, or should it be 10? Generally movement AB isn't shown like this because it doesn't affect further stats that AB affects (the difference between Unnatural Characteristic (Agility) (which would still be a multiple and not 6) and Unnatural Speed for example)

Unless, possibly, the cat is missing the Size (Hulking) trait similar to the Riding Horse? As it is mentioned in the description that they reach the size of a small pony (which admittedly sounds more Average) but even then that generally is also not shown on the profile.
———— > Where do you see AgB stated as 6? 

Followup: Apparently the printed book has an error in the profile that was not replicated in the pdf, so I'll assume the book was incorrect and the movement is fine since that is easier to deal with.

Response: Yeah, probably good assumption there. 

22. Should the Osedex have a movement based on an AB 4 even though it should seemingly be AB 3? It has the Size (Enourmous) trait seemingly implying it should be based on AB 6 then the Crawler trait bringing it down to AB 3.
———— > Yes. No real need to change it, but if you want to alter it in your games that’s fine. Don’t let math get in the way of an exciting combat! 

23. How would you suggest the Osedex profile be modified for its later stages in life?
———— > Increase wounds, toughness, strength, and armor. Possibly add +5 to all skills. 

24. From the Journal of Inquisitor Felroth Gelt concerning Woe p. 47. Would you say Teneroth's Grasp is more of a planet or a city?
————> Whichever would work best for your campaign plans. 

25. For the Ambull the Burrower trait does not have a number that indicates the speed at which it burrows (the trait description says it requires one) recommendations?
————> I’d say 3 myself, but that could vary with the terrain. 

26. Should the Ambulls movement be based off of AB 5 rather than AB 6 as it is Size Hulking?
———— > Use listed profile (unless of course you as the GM want to change it. This goes for really everything).

27. Any idea where the 32nd Steuven Light Horse hail from (from the transript under the Cruorian War Beast)?
———— > Nope, up to you really. 

28. Or where the Aramburu Massacre took place (from the same transcript)?
———— > Ditto. 

29. Concerning the Cruorian War Beast, with its movement being based off of AB 6 having only AB 3 and quadruped is fine, but it is also Size (Hulking) which should make the movement based off of AB 4. Recommendations on how to handle the discrepancy?
———— > Profile is fine as is, but if you want to change it as the GM that’s perfectly ok. 

30. Essentially the same question as 29 but for the Fenksworld Pit Thing replacing for the proper AB values.
———— > Essentially same answer. Movement values for NPCs don’t need to follow normal derivation guidance, but if you as the GM want to alter them that’s 100% ok. 

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