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Investigators in which expansions?

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Can someone give me a list of which expansions have which investigators?

I have Forgotten Lore and am looking at getting another expansion soon. Having more options for characters is one of the things I am looking at.

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Ian: Thanks for asking! Here they are in order:

Mountains of Madness

Finn Edwards, Daisy Walker, Agnes Baker, George Barnaby, Tommy Muldoon, Wilson Richards, Patrice Hathaway and Ursula Downs

Strange Remnants

Marie Lambeau, Skids O'Toole, Zoey Samaras, and Tony Morgan

Under the Pyramids

Rex Murphy, Hank Samson, Joe Diamond, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, Minh Ti Phan, Harvey Walters, and Monterey Jack

Signs of Carcosa

Michael McGlenn, Jenny Barnes, Wendy Adams, and Dexter Drake

The Dreamlands

Vincent Lee, Carolyn Fern, Luke Robinson, Kate Winthrop, Darrell Simmons, William Yorick, Gloria Goldberg, and Amanda Sharpe

Cities in Ruin

Roland Banks, Bob Jenkins, "Ashcan" Pete, and Rita Young

Masks of Nyarlathotep

Calvin Wright, Daniella Reyes, Agatha Crane, Sefina Rosseau, Preston Fairmont, Carson Sinclair, and Father Mateo

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