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Have some Nicely Painted Latari Or Uthuk?

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Want to have your figures be featured as part of the Vassal Module? 

Awesome!!  Here's what I need you to do. Take a picture looking down over the top of the modal. Have a white sheet of paper under the modal.  Do this for all the unit types. Don't have them mounted in their tray, just the lone figures.  Don't forget the Champions! 

Send the images my way!

If you want to process the pictures so that I can just take and use your graphic, that's even better as that saves me a lot of time and effort and will get these factions in all the more faster. 

These are approximate guidelines. Things can be a bit larger especially with the hero or odd units that overhang their trays, just make sure to use transparency! 

A hero (like Kari) is approx 140x140. 

An individual figure (like a Latari bowmen) would be approx 70x70. 

A cav figure is approx 72x150.

Thanks for any assistance!! 

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