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Darth Meanie

Squall Squadron (or, An Exercise in Narrative X-Wing)

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Squall Squadron

232nd Planetary Defense Squadron; “Fire from Ice”

     Based on the backwater planet of Abelard in the Outer Rim, Squall Squadron’s primary duty is to protect the ytterbium harvesting facilities on-planet, and escort shipments of the raw metallic element to Imperial laser cannon manufacturing sites in other systems when needed.  The squadron is occasionally supported and resupplied by the ISD Git Gud and the smaller Bayonet-class light cruiser Got Stomped.  While the unit was originally consisted of TIE Interceptors, the unit does not actually have a single one currently.  Losses, wear-and-tear, and the remoteness of the base have caused Squall Squadron to devolve into a mish-mosh of requisitioned fighters, random transfers, and even a couple of captured light freighters.  Shipments of materials out of the system are typically carried by a GR-75 medium transport and/or a converted passenger liner.



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On 4/14/2018 at 3:22 PM, 414taylor said:

Even though I don’t play epic, I can’t wait to print these cards for my groups use. These are outstanding. Will you be doing others?

Thanks!  Definitely, as the inspiration strikes.  I was hoping the Gunboat would get added to Strange Eons soon, but I may just have to make it a custom ship.

On 4/14/2018 at 3:28 PM, 414taylor said:

Would you also make the ship tiles too?

I have them already.  I'll PM them to you.

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