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Sinplified Treachery (SOB)

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So game session two went swimmingly!  We are all having a blast and I am starting to catch up to my players a bit. 

I am still having trouble with Simplified Treachery.  Does anyone know how this is meant to work?  I can't make heads nor tails of it and I feel like it's something big for the Overlord that I'm missing out on.



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It's pretty, well, simple ;)

If you don't have WoD nor AoD you may be tempted to not buy Threat as an overlord (especially in SoB where you cannot use OL cards in Lt Encounters), but Simplified Treachery gives you a reason to want to buy Treachery Upgrades, and here's how it works:

At the start of a dungeon, for every point of Treachery you can either A) put 4 threat on your OL Sheet in its specific trap, event, spawn pile or B) draw an extra starting card card (i.e. more than the starting 3).

If you opted to put Threat on your OL Sheet, during the dungeon, when you play that type of card you can use the threat from your OL sheet to pay for the usage of that card.

For example, let's say you have purchased 2 Spawn and 1 Trap Treachery upgrades so far. At the beginning of a dungeon, you decide to use one Spawn Treachery to draw a 4th starter card, and the other two you use for Threat and so put two piles of 4 threat on your OL sheet. During the dungeon, you draw Dark Charm which is (I think) 7 Threat. You spend all 4 of your "bonus" trap threat (but none of the Spawn threat) from your OL sheet and 3 other threat from your normal threat pile to play this card.

Does that help?


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