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Any chance those six new Investigators make their way back to Arkham?

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>sigh< I'm so gonna whine...

Catching up on a bunch of Fantasy Flight expansions across the library, I just discovered that six brand new Investigators AND Calvin Wright have showed up in BOTH Eldritch Horror AND Elder Sign.  (Which is probably no surprise to anyone, but clearly I am far less active here than I used to be.)  Now I have no beef with Calvin, as he started in Arkham Horror as a Campaign Character, and though he never graduated to a printed card, he was great as a plot-driver.  But the Parapsychologist, the Millionaire, his Butler, the Mechanic, the Priest, and the Painter are all very interesting Investigators that I wanna play in the game that I've never stopped playing since 2006!  (Yes, I realize I can print out some pdfs or make up my own stuff, but my Cultists HATE unlicensed material.)

Remember your roots, FFG, and maybe do a Print on Demand for these new Investigators in AH.  Surely it wouldn't be too in-the-red for 6 sheets and 12 Personal Story cards for some teensy thinking-of-you-fans-that-got-us-a-franchise expansion?


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