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Master of The Fleet - A Special Battle Report

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Firstly some words from Intel Officer Luke:

"So usually I don’t leave comments about the battle report, but then this wasn’t a usual battle report.

I know that we’ve been posting a lot of content of late (to the point of almost annoyance I imagine), but this bat rep was really the one I have been most looking forward to releasing.

In a nutshell Strategic Adviser Marcus was in Sydney on business from the UK and reached out as a fan of ours, asking for a game. This was the result of that.

I’m in the process of writing up an article about what Master of the Fleet has meant to us and where we want to go from here (we’ve been going for 18 months now!).

But really it was such a surreal and enjoyable experience as a content creator to meet someone who described themselves as a ‘fan’. The fact that he was an amazing gentleman and a talented player was over and above.

Anyway like I said, more on this space to come, but I hope you all enjoy the video and as always let us know what you think!"

I'll also add on his behalf that his fleet was inspired by @geek19's regional winning fleet, so a shout out to him!

Secondly some words from me:

It was indeed a humbling experience to have Eagle Squadron's Strategic Adviser Marcus,  a fan of the channel, fly from the top end of the world to the **** end of it and play a game of Star Wars Armada with us. 

He was really a gentleman of a bloke and was a pleasure to have on the channel. 

We hope you guys enjoy the battle report as much as we enjoyed creating it!

P.S Yes, we know about some of the missed opportunities! It was because we were having too much fun!

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