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The Jock, The Furry and The Kid goes to System Open Series Tournament (TOP)

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So a day ago I returned from System Open Series in Poland that was held at the Kraków.
That was a highly anticipated tournament in my local community. There were over 300 participants!

Here is the list I prepared for this event:

(The Jock) Poe – Veteran Instincts, R2D2, Advanced Optics, Autothrusters, Black One title (43 pts)
(The Furry) Lowhhrick – Draw Their Fire, Wookie Commandos (30 pts)
(The Kid) Ezra (Phantom II Shuttle) – R3A2, Gunner, Snap Shot (26 pts)
Total: 99

This list came to my mind as soon as wave XIII and XIV hit the shelves. Thanks to Advanced Optics I could finally field my favourite pilot and favourite ship (Poe in T-70) and have a solid lategame. Also, thanks to Phantom II I could field a powerful control tool which is pretty good at defense (Ezra), and for a spare points I could provide tank that will soak up hits (Lowhhrick). The total point cost of this list is 99 pts so I have spare point for an initiative bid. And what is even more important, there are three ships, my favourite number to fly.

During my preparation for SOS this list worked great, I won four small store tournaments and it lost maybe twice or thrice out of 20 games on Vassal. Yet the list was still untested when it comes to main, big events.

My goal for SOS was to be able to qualify for a second day and have more wins than losses. Me and my five X-Wing buddies came to Kraków on Friday night and after few hours of casual drinking we went to sleep thinking about coming day event.

At this point I have to thank to all the people that were responsible for organizing this event. Despite the fact that there were over 300 people everything went smooth and fast. Also venue was great with lot of room and possibility of buying food & drinks.

Now, back to the games:


Game 1
Jan Zieniewicz
Nym – Trajectory Simulator, Bomblet Generator, Autoblaster Turret, VI, Genius, GC, Cruise Missiles
Dalan (Kimogila) – Cruise Missiles, VI, GC and 0 pts salvaged astromech
Thweek – FCS, Autothrusters, Mk. II Title, Virage Title

Opponent won the roll and gave me initiative copying with Thweek ability PS of Poe. Both of us set up ships for a straight joust, with the exception of Thweek, who took position a little bit on the side, preparing for flanking my formation. After some careful movement and controlling range for Cruise Missiless I was able to have a pretty good exchange of fire in opening salvo, also during first engagement Thweek flew into arc of Ezra and get 2 stress tokens. After few more rounds of maneuvering and shooting, Lowhhrick and Poe managed to finish off Thweek, the last Scum ship.
WIN 100-26

Game 2
Anthony Kessler
Poe – VI, BB-8, Autothrusters, title, Advanced Optics
Jess – R2-D6, Adaptability, Integrated Astromech
Lowhhrick – Trick Shot, C3PO, Rey

Second game of the day, and second time me and my rival set up for an initial joust. I gave the initiative to my opponent. For me that was definetely the most exciting and dramatic game of the whole tournament. I had a pretty bad opening exchange of fire, and what is worse in third round I decided to try to move Poe using risky koiogran 4, I was blocked by just a millimeter of a base and ended up with stressed Poe, with no shields at range one and in arc of all enemy ships. I thought I lost badly, and then miracle happened – my Poe survived all three shots not losing even one hull! I must admit I had a lot of luck there. From that moment on I was able to regain initiative. In the end I managed to kill Jess Pava and won the most exciting and close game of the tournament. Big thanks to my opponent who was a really great and nice player. He should have won this game but the Dice Gods decided otherwise.
WIN 27-0  

Game 3
Jan Kalwoda
Lothal Rebel – Ezra, Maul, Engine Upgrade, TLT, Sensor Jammer
Fenn Rau – R3A2, Hotshot Copilot
Zeb Orellios (Attack Shuttle, docked)

Another game with another great opponent. Jan greeted me with Name Day's wishes! How awesome is that! As for a game it was a close fight. I managed to catch and kill Fenn but the Ghost was still alive dealing heavy damage. Fortunately for me in deciding turn I was able to catch him at range 1 and deal two crits which both turned out to be double damage! From this moment on I had an upper hand and in the end Poe was able to finish off Lothal Rebel and Zeb.
WIN 100-56

So the first stage of the SOS ended up and it turned out I had three wins and I was able to continue my fight in the second stage.












Game 4
Bartosz Dominiak
Kanan – Autoblaster Turret, Chopper, Rey, Engine Upgrade, Fire Control System
Ezra Bridger (Phantom II shuttle, docked) – Rage, Inspiring Recruit, R2 Astromech
Lowhhrick – Trick Shot, Jan Ors, Jyn Erso

And again, another great competitor with suprising and really unorthodox list. It was a smart combo of ships allowing Lowhhrick to significiantly buff Kanan with tons of tokens. In this game Ezra did the heavy lifting – he stressed opponent’s ships sufficiently to shut down their action economy and buy time for Poe and Lowhhrick to shoot them down.
WIN 100-26

Game 5
Kamil Dziliński
Dengar – Expertise, Maul, Punishing One, Countermeasures
Asajj – Lone Wolf, Glitterstim, Glitterstim, Latts Razzi

Before this battle I already had a four wins so winning this one almost certainly guaranteed me playing in the final elimination rounds. Luckily for me I had to play against Dengar with Expertise, so I knew a lot of Scum's offensive power will be shut down by Ezra. I focused on taking down Dengar first. After that I chased Asajj. It was much easier than usual because, fortunately for me, opponent suffered Damaged Engine critical hit which seriously crippled Asajj.
WIN 100-0

Game 6
Paweł Rojewski
Lothal Rebel – Ezra, Maul, Engine Upgrade, TLT, Sensor Jammer
Fenn Rau – R3A2, Hotshot Copilot
Zeb Orellios (Attack Shuttle, docked)

So I had to face Ghost ship third time this day. Unfortunately it was not a good game for me. Despite the fact that I had really good opening and managed to shot down Fenn with my ships, not getting even a scratch, I lost this game. Because of asteroids placement I was not able to get into range one of Ghost easily and when I was there my ships were missing shots. Also my opponent flew really well and read my moves perfectly.
LOSS 26-100

I ended up first day with 5-1 record. Yay! It meant I was going to play in final rounds of elimination bracket. I went back to hostel, tired but really happy. Before me was the final round of System Open Series tournament!


Radosław Golewski
Captain Yorr – Collision Detector, Palpatine
Quickdraw – Expertise, FCS, Lightweight Frame, title
Inquisitor – Autothrusters, title, Push the Limit

Well in first game of elimination rounds I finally met Imperium and biggest Ezra enemy – Captain Yorr! Also I had an opportunity to play on the stream – nice! During initial joust I made a fatal mistake and shot at Quickdraw, triggering his revenge shot ability with full mods, thanks to Yorr stress clearing. This meant during initial round of shooting I lost Ezra, doing no damage to my opponent’s ships. What is worsem soon enough Imperial Aces get on the back of Lowhhrick and shot him to pieces. Meantime Poe was focusing all his shots on Yorr. When Palpmobile was finished I had Poe against two Imperial Aces, yet I managed to shot them both.
WIN 100-56

Top 32
Bartosz Wójcicki
Rey – Expertise, Sloop-title, Finn, Kanan, Engine Upgrade
Lowhhrick – Expertise, Tactician, C-3PO

So another Expertise list! That was a good news for Ezra. Nontheless it was not an easy game. My opponent was really good player, undefeated on the first day, and he was skillfully flanking my formation with Rey, trying to find openings to safely shoot at my ships. Despite that Ezra had opportunity to stress both of my opponent ships enough times to give room for Poe to start doing his work. Also in a crucial moment Rey fluffed attack roll which definitely helped me.
WIN 100-30     

Top 16
Miranda – TLT, Harpoon Missiles, Chopper, Bomblet Generator, GC
Fenn Rau – VI, Hotshot Co-Pilot, R2 Astromech
Lowhhrick – Selflessness, Rey, Courier Droid

Game that I will remember for a long time not because of the flying but because of the opponent. That was Top 16 at SOS and my opponent reminded me to regenerate a shield on Poe, he was a great guy and one of the nicest and kind X-Wing players I have ever played. For me playing with people like this is the best part of X-Wing tournaments. Regarding the game, I won the roll and gave initiative for the opponent. We set up our ships diagonally and started to carefully fly towards each other. Initial firing round definitely went my way. Thanks to that I was able to finish of Fenn next round. Still I had to be careful, because bomblet was hitting my ships pretty badly. My opponent played pretty aggressive burning a lot of Miranda shields while shooting at range one to my ships. In return I was able to heavily damage her and strip her from remaining shield and 4 hull points. That was pretty important because in late game I could disengage with Poe and regenerate shields while Miranda had to be in combat in order to do that – and she could not risk that, having only 1 hull. In the end my Poe was the last ship at the table.
WIN 100-56  

Top 8
Łukasz Golonka
Captain Yorr – Collision Detector, Palpatine
Quickdraw – Expertise, FCS, Lightweight Frame, title
Inquisitor – Autothrusters, title, Push the Limit

So I had to face another Yorr – not my favourite match up, I tell you that! Really unfortunate rolls at the beginning crippled my Lowhhrick and Ezra. I switched my whole formation to Inquisitor trying to catch him by surprise and remove him first. That was mistake on my part, because Yorr ended his move in range 2 of Inquisitor and because of that I was unable to stress him with Snap Shot. After this moment I was constantly struggling and even when I was in good shooting positions I unfortunately was unable to deal any damage with my Poe.
LOSS 0-100

So, that is it.

Big shout out to all of my opponents. All of them were amiable and it was a pleasure to fly against them. All in all I am happy with my results, I ended up with eight wins, losing only twice in matches against winner and runner up of SOS. I am also fairly happy with my list. It works as intended and flying it gives a lot of fun.
Finally, I had an opportunity to meet new, awesome X-Wing players and participate in fantastic tournament. Now it is time to prepare for Regio in Warsaw!









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Congrats on the top 8 finish.  Fantastic battle reports!  Do you have a link to the stream for this Mega European Regional?

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16 hours ago, Embir82 said:

Top 16
Miranda – TLT, Harpoon Missiles, Chopper, Bomblet Generator, LRS
Fenn Rau – VI, Hotshot Co-Pilot, Flight Assist Astromech (or R2 I don’t remember)
Lowhhrick – Selflessness, Rey, Courier Droid

my exact build:

Lowhhrick (28)
Selflessness (1)
Rey (2)
Courier Droid (0)

Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Hotshot Co-pilot (4)
R2 Astromech (1)

Miranda Doni (29)
Twin Laser Turret (6)
Harpoon Missiles (4)
"Chopper" (0)
Bomblet Generator (3)
Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 99

View in Yet Another Squad Builder



From my point of view it also was pleasure to play with you :-)

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