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Geomancer stone question

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Hello, sorry if this was answered before but I couldnt find the answer. Here is the quote that I found on this forum:


Since a Summoned Stone is treated as an obstacle and not a hero or monster figure, no abilities applying to heroes or monsters may be used. Thus, it wouldn't be affected by Shadow. However, any ability that allows you to attack through a Summoned Stone, if it's adjacent to a Shadow Dragon, is subject to the Shadow ability (since the hero is the one performing the attack).

The Reanimate is treated as a hero figure, so it would be subject to Shadow.
Justin Kemppainen
Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games"

So when you attack throught stone it counts as hero attack, because in this case Shadow ability is working. But if this is a hero attack then you can use hero abilities, right? And does it mean that attacking throught stone via terracall grants you 1 surge for adjacent stone?


I understand that stone is not a hero, and you, for example, cant regain stamina for surge. But according to Justin, attacking throught stone IS a hero attack... Im in doubt. What you guys think?

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This is a weird situation and it pays to be very careful about what is being claimed. It's especially weird because shadow is a strange ability. I'll need a few moments to put together a proper response. If someone else beats me to it, Oh well.

Short version: a stone is not a hero. A stone performing an attack is not "a hero performing an attack." A geomancer attacking and using a stone for range/LOS is a different story.

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The geomancer has a number of skills which allow attacks involving stones.

Ordinarily, (without any geomancer skill) stones do not attack. They only perform 1 move action during an activation.

If the geomancer attacks a monster that is adjacent to a summoned stone, he gets to add a surge.

Specifically, there is

Terracall: lets a stone attack. No extra surge possible, stone ignores shadow as no hero is attacking.

Earthen Anguish: lets the geomancer attack a stone (stones can always be attacked by heroes). No extra surge possible, since a monster is not targeted.

Then, there's:

Molten Fury: lets the geomancer attack through a stone.

Cataclysm: let's the geomancer perform an attack through each stone on the map.


For each of these abilities (or any other attack performed by the geomancer), if the stone in question is adjacent to the monster being targeted, extra surge is gained.

Also, when the geomancer attacks (whether through a stone or not) if the geomancer-the stone doesn't matter- is adjacent to a shadow dragon, the geomancer must deal with Shadow. For these abilities, a hero has performed an attack targeting a monster. The geomancer is that hero, not the stone.

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